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Finding Solutions. Together.

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The GES Team


Executive Team
Policy Board


Chair of the Advisory Board

Dennis J. Snower

Sean Cleary

Managing Director

Dennis Görlich



Advisory Board


Content & Communities
Project Manager Kathrin Kupke
Research Coordinator Esther Ademmer
Project Associate
Cornelia Gold
Assistants Anna Breling, Jan M. Hinz, Tinka Krüger, Irene Masforroll, Cathy Nishioka, Steffen Müller


Communication & Public Relations
Web Services
Lisa Eckeberg
Social Media Manager Benedikt Schäfer;
ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics
Publications Ilse Büxenstein-Gaspar, Kerstin Stark
Press IfW Communication Center



Sponsoring & Partnerships
Manager Fundraising Kerstin Diegel


Guest Management & Logistics
Guest Manager Panelists Marion Glowatzka
Guest Manager Participants Gritta Jegliewski
Event Manager
Tanja Hagelberg
Database Christoph Bruhn
IT Infrastructure Stefan Rieber, Karsten Gebhardt


Team Coordination & Office
Secretary Gritta Jegliewski
Session Organizer 2015

Financial Regulation and Stability

A New Deal for Europe? - The Role of Investment for Prosperity in the Euro Area

Dominik Groll, Stefan Kooths (Kiel Institute);

Dealing with Radical Uncertainty Institute for New Economic Thinking
Financial Regulatory Frameworks: Current Reforms and Future Challenges Martin Plödt, Matthias Raddant (Kiel Institute);
Institute for New Economic Thinking
Monetary Policy - Lessons Learned from the Crisis and the Post-Crisis Nils Jannsen, Maik Wolters (Kiel Institute)
The Design of Fiscal Consolidation Plans

Claire Reicher (Kiel Institute)

Environmental Sustainability
Food Security through more Intense Crop Production Ruth Delzeit (Kiel Institute)
Re-assessing Waste Management and the Circular Economy REDISA
Stopping climate change, ending poverty, and limiting inequality: Killing three birds with one stone? Stiftung Mercator
The End of the Age of ‘King Coal’ Heinrich Böll Stiftung
The EU’s Emission Trading System: More Than Hot Air? Sonja Peterson (Kiel Institute)
Societal Development, Integration and Equality
Dealing with the Challenges of Urban Development Irene Natividad (Global Summit of Women)
Defining the Normative Framework that Can Enable Constructive Global Coexistence, in the Light of our Diverse Cultural Heritages FutureWorld Foundation, Switzerland
Equality and Growth in Europe: From Antagonism to Symbiosis Bertelsmann Stiftung
Identity, Culture, and the Evolution of Norms: Reflexive Dynamics and New Thinking on Human Decision Making Institute for New Economic Thinking
Migrants Knocking on Europe's Doors: Towards a Coherent Response to Irregular Immigration Matthias Lücke (Kiel Institute)
Promoting Economic Mobility Sebastian Braun (Kiel Institute)
Institute for New Economic Thinking
Putting the SDGs to Work Rainer Thiele, Manfred Wiebelt (Kiel Institute)
Reflexivity: The Interplay between Caring Decisions and Caring Societies Dennis J. Snower (Kiel Institute)
Sharing Food and Thoughts: Religious Values and our Economic Behavior Matthias Lücke (Kiel Institute)
Innovation and Prosperity
Brave New Media World? How the Internet Spreads Information Across the Globe Robert Gold (Kiel Institute)
Developing Modern Sustainable Industrial Policies through Innovation-focused "Co-opetition" European Climate Foundation
How to Build Sustainable Cities for the Next Urban Billion? Albert Ting, CX Technology Corporation, Taiwan
How to Design Policies for Humans Rather than Homo Oeconomicus? Simon Bartke, Felix Gelhaar and Levent Neyse (Kiel Institute);
The World Bank.
Human Dignity, Common Good and Stewardship as Values to Design Economic Systems New Economics Foundation
Multilateral Regionalism and Emerging Markets – Opportunities and Risks in a new World Trade Order Bertelsmann Stiftung
Promoting Innovation to Achieve Inclusive Growth Industrial Technology Research Institute