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The GES is a Solution Forum - dealing with the biggest global problems of our time.

Clearly the label Solution cannot always imply exhaustive answers. Rather many proposals resulting from the GES are small but useful steps in the right direction, supported by decision-makers from diverse walks of life. The GES also creates Insights, as problems are often not yet sufficiently well understood.


What are the main characteristics of the GES Solutions? They are:

Practical Internally Consistent Serving the Global Public Making the World a Better Place for the Next Generations

Myriads of new policies and strategies are invented in response to global problems each year. Our aim is not to add to their number.

Our aim is to identify a coherent set of insights that can provide a basis for concrete cooperative action in a world of missing cooperation but growing interdependence.

All too often policies and strategies are created in mental autarky, each formulated without reference to the others: Pension policies are designed independently of employment policies; energy policies conflict with environmental policies.

The GES strives to avoid this pitfall. Global problems are interconnected, consequently the policy and strategy response has to be interconnected as well.

The insights and solutions are meant to be inclusive in geographical terms, concerning both developed and developing countries.

They aim to be socially inclusive and be relevant to business, policy-making, academic and civic communities.

The problems discussed at the GES are lasting ones, unlikely to disappear soon.

The insights involve the longer-term thinking that is often neglected due to urgent day-to-day issues with which business leaders, policy-makers and other representatives of civil society must deal.

They aim to provide a picture of the future towards which we must strive through concrete actions.


Annually the GES Participants propose and discuss their solutions prior to, and during the Symposium, leading to a rich set of proposed solutions - What happens next?

All Solutions are collected on this website. Explore the Solution database and filter the content via keywords:

  • topical (e.g. Migration, Global Trade or Fiscal Policy)
  • interest as Stakeholder (e.g. polity, academia or civil society).

If you are searching additional material on a specific Solution switch to the Knowledge Base. There you can find Challenges, Background Papers, related solutions and more.


A number of solutions are summarized in various publications. These results of the GES are communicated to the international communities of leading policy-makers and researchers. Thereby the GES initiates an ongoing dialogue on global problem solving. The proposals aim to provide shared visions of the future, which are meant to inspire cooperative efforts to address global problems. Where possible, these efforts should be practical, feasible actions towards well-defined goals.

Cooperation is the key

Needless to say, this is a tall order. Success can only be achieved through the accumulation of many small steps in a coherent direction. The GES is meant to contribute to this process. The insights presented here are the product of a prolonged exchange of ideas during the GES and in the months before and afterwards among leaders from the business, policy-making, academic and civic communities. Although the GES participants come from diverse walks of life, they share the belief that we need a reawakening of global cooperation in our current multipolar world.

All past instances of global cooperation began as ideas in the heads of individuals and grew into visions that aligned people’s diverse efforts. The GES seeks to help generate such ideas. While none of us can make a substantial difference in isolation, each of us can make limited, concrete changes towards the common good and the sum of all these changes will be our legacy for the next generation.

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