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The Think 20 Summit Berlin: GLOBAL SOLUTIONS


To mark Germany’s G20 Presidency in 2017, GLOBAL SOLUTIONS–The Think 20 Summit 2017 Berlin took place in Berlin on May 29-30, in association with the Global Economic Symposium having GLOBAL SOLUTIONS as its motto.


20 Solutions for the G20


20 Solutions for the G20

International think tanks in the Think 20 group (T20) today presented twenty policy proposals for the twenty largest industrialized and emerging countries (G20) to German Chancellery Minister Peter Altmaier.

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G20 needs inclusive societies and sustainable growth


G20 Needs Inclusive Societies and Sustainable Growth

International think tanks in the Think 20 group (T20) today called upon the twenty largest industrialized and emerging countries (G20) to foster inclusive societies and sustainable growth.

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Managing Forced Migration


Lower- and middle-income countries bear a dispro­portionate burden of the global refugee crisis. They lack the financial and structural capacity to address the needs of forced migrants.

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Resilience as a Conduit of Global Prosperity and Equality


Resilient, sustainable and fair global economic governance creates shared prosperity. The world economy faces growing disagreement over open borders, free trade, and global regulatory standards.

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The 2030 Agenda


G20 leaders in late 2016 backed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN’s bid to tackle some of the most pressing domestic and global issues.

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G20 and Africa


Given the interdependence between Africa and G20 countries, Africa should be active in contributing to setting global standards.

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Digitalization is one of the drivers of global change – both good and bad.

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Climate Policy

To keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius and avoid destabilizing ecosystems vital to mankind, we must decarbonize the global economy by mid-century.

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GLOBAL SOLUTIONS–The Think 20 Summit 2017 Berlin

  • delivered relevant, applicable policy recommendations for G20 leaders following the successful pattern of the GES. In an adapted format and in cooperation with both existing and new partners, it pursued a time-tested approach to formulate research-based, action-oriented policies and business strategies designed to tackle global problems.

  • focused on G20 topics, such as the digital economy, climate policy and finance, or migration and refugees and convey Recommendations and Visions by the newly established Task Forces to international policy-makers.

  • draws on the excellent intellectual network of the GES and the Council of Global Problem-Solving, bringing together the world’s leading G20 thinkers. Following the GES approach it connected influential policy thinkers and makers from think tanks, academia, government, business, and international organizations, all striving for tangible solutions.

  • is research-based, independent, focusing on facts, knowledge and hands-on experience. State-of-the-art research underpins all the sessions.

  • will continue to accompany the G20 process informally beyond 2017, through an annual symposium in Berlin under the motto "GLOBAL SOLUTIONS," to be chaired by Dennis J. Snower and organized by the Kiel Institute and its partners.