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my Boo - Bamboo Bicycles

 my Boo
my Boo manufactures distinctive bamboo bikes.

Sustainable raw-material

Bamboo is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly resources – it is fast-growing and incredibly CO2 absorbing. The bamboo culms we use need roughly 3 years to achieve optimal size and strength.

Furthermore, it is extremely stable and light, thus the perfect fit for our bicycle frames. Bamboo exists in considerable quantities in Ghana and can be sourced locally for the manufacturing process.

Social commitment

Every my Boo bike creates a remarkable lasting difference for a better education and quality of life in Ghana. All profits are managed by our partner in Ghana, the Yonso project, which go directly into microcredits and educational projects. Additionally, my Boo finances one scholarship for each bike sold.

We also have our small aluminium parts produced in a workshop in Germany by people with disabilities.

Handmade in Ghana

An outstanding and energetic team manufactures our frames with loving handicraft in the rural Mampong district of central Ghana. So far, we have been able to train 15 workers and therefore pave their way to a better future. Additionally, a new workshop building was built, which is significantly better equipped for manufacturing our bicycle frames. A single frame needs up to 90 hours of handcrafted work.


Founder and CEO
Maximilian Schay and Jonas Stolzke
my Boo - Bamboo Bicycles