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What makes the GES unique is its research-based and solutions-oriented nature. As such, most sessions in the program require panelists to work on the solutions they submit to researchers. A few sessions in the program provide insights rather than solutions. GES Insight Sessions provide participants with high-level, forward looking and relevant insights on current global issues. Speakers and moderators will discuss current issues with a view to identify key players, highlight innovative ideas in the area, and pose probing questions.

Global Economic Symposium 2015


Global Economic Symposium 2015


Global Economic Symposium 2015


Global Economic Symposium 2015


Global Economic Symposium 2015


Global Economic Symposium 2015


Global Economic Symposium 2015



The Financial System and Public Value

Is Debt Poisonous? (Opening Plenary)

Main Challenges for Emerging Markets and an Introduction to GES 2016 in Istanbul

What is Solved, What Remains, What’s Ahead? (Concluding Plenary)

Financial Regulation and Stability




A New Deal for Europe? - The Role of Investment for Prosperity in the Euro Area

Capital Market Union - How Should it be Designed to Solve the European Growth Problem?

Dealing with Radical Uncertainty

Financial Regulatory Frameworks: Current Reforms and Future Challenges

Monetary Policy - Lessons Learned from the Crisis and the Post-Crisis Period

The Design of Fiscal Consolidation Plans

Environmental Sustainability

Food Security through more Intense Crop Production

Re-assessing Waste Management and the Circular Economy

Stopping climate change, ending poverty, and limiting inequality: Killing three birds with one stone?

The End of the Age of “King Coal”

The EU’s Emission Trading System: More Than Hot Air?

Societal Development, Integration and Equality

Equality and Growth in Europe: From Antagonism to Symbiosis

Identity, Culture, and the Evolution of Norms: Reflexive Dynamics and New Thinking on Human Decision Making

Migrants Knocking on Europe's Doors: Towards a Coherent Response to Irregular Immigration

Norms for Constructive Coexistence: Challenges of Collective Action

Income Inequality and Mobility

Putting the SDGs to Work

Reflexivity: The Interplay between Caring Decisions and Caring Societies

Sharing Food and Thoughts: Religious Values and our Economic Behavior

Innovation and Prosperity

Brave New Media World? How the Internet Spreads Information Across the Globe

Developing Modern Sustainable Industrial Policies through Innovation-focused "Co-opetition"

How to Build Sustainable Cities for the Next Urban Billion?

How to Design Policies for Humans Rather than Homo Oeconomicus?

Human Dignity, Common Good and Stewardship as Values for Economies

Job Creation in the Age of Robots

Multilateral Regionalism and Emerging Markets – Opportunities and Risks in Global Trade

New Indicators of Progress: How to Make a Difference to Policy and Politics

Promoting Innovation to Achieve Inclusive Growth

Book Sessions & Special Reports

Book Presentation George Akerlof / Matthieu Ricard

Book Presentation Adair Turner

Presentation “Sustainable Development Goals: Are the Rich Countries Ready?”

Rethinking our Values: A Practical Way

Special Report on Global Demographics

The 5 Presidents Report on the Reform of the Euro Area Governance: Content and Implementation

Ideas Fair

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