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Snower: A European Civic Year for more Integration

Snower - A European Civic Year


At the Global Economic Symposium 2015 in Kiel, Dennis Snower, the president of the Kiel Institute, called for a European voluntary social year. The „@Home in Europe Year“ would help foster a common set of European values – and at the same time make an important contribution to resolve the current refugee crisis.

Common values require a common vision, said Dennis Snower, the President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, at the Global Economic Symposium 2015 in Kiel. „A '@Home in Europe Year' would give people a different perspective on what it means to be European.“ The European civic year should be open to all school graduates and other people interested, said Snower in the session „Human Dignity, Common Good and Stewardship as Values for Economy“. Participants would live in another EU country, being hosted by people from another culture, social class or religion. While there, they would work on projects relevant to society. The European Union should provide financial support for this project.

Snower is convinced that a European civic year can reinforce a common European vision. This would make Europeans more willing to solve problems together and support each other. It could also be an important contribution to solving the current refugee crisis. Alexander Likhotal, President of Green Cross International, supported Snower's view: „The refugee crisis is the greatest test for European maturity and culture“, he pointed out. „Will we open up and care for those in need? Or will we put up fences and stop being Europeans?“