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Yunting Yang

Master Degree Candidate, China University of Political Science and Law

Yunting Yang



Research Experience:
  • - Legal Regulations in Petroleum Industry under the Background of Climate
  • - Legal System about Renewable Energy Sources for Low Carbon Economy
  • - Legislation of Environmental Education in China and Promotion for Legislation of Environmental Education in Chongqing
  • - Policy and Legislation of Biological Genetic Resources in China
Graduated in Law at the Henan University of Economics and Law (BA)




China’s coal future

Energy use is the core of the country’s economic and social development—and in China's case that means making coal as a pillar industry for its economy in a long term.

China accounted for about 50.3% of the world's coal consumption in 2013.The continued growth of coal production and consumption has promoted the development of China, while it also has some negative impacts, such as air pollution, water pollution, people’s health, global warming. So China has taken some measures to deal with this.

Though there are still a couple of obstacles to China’s coal reform, but China’s energy reform has seen some results. China's coal production fell in 2014 for the first time this century is a result of slowing economic growth, government efforts to reduce air pollution and increased investment in renewable energy.

However, it is not easy to popularize widespread application of new energies and clean-coal technologies. In consideration of economic efficiency, energy demand and emission reduction strategy, China will decide by itself if it will use clean technology or what kind of clean technology to be used. Moreover, cost will always be a significant barrier to the use of new technologies. Nevertheless, it can be confirmed that in this transition period, China will continue to work hard on developing green energies and improving the operability and economic efficiency of clean coal technologies.

Therefore, according to the current trend, in the near future, maybe coal will still continue to take up a big part of China’s energy mix. But I suppose it will no longer be the energy king in China one day. This project is aimed to explore the China’s coal future.