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Kebba-Omar B. Jagne

Founder, Making Our Visions and Aspirations Reality (MOVAAR)

Omar Jagne

Sustainable Development Consultant at the Dakar Media Association, Co-Designer of the structural transformation upgrade into a Media Institute
Fellow of the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Young Fellows Program 2015
Graduated in Innovation and Sustainability for International Development (MSc), Science Policy Research Unit, at University of Sussex (MSc)
Graduated in Economics and Political Science, at Hofstra University (BA)





Making Our Visions and Aspirations Reality (MOVAAR)

Making Our Visions and Aspirations Reality (MOVAAR) aims to support entrepreneur-led, community based development efforts through skills formation and project-based learning. A massive obstacle to solving community challenges in many parts of the world is the underutilization of human resources, which also contributes to a brain drain. MOVAAR approaches this issue under a social enterprise model and by designing a platform that reflects two realities that characterize many communities around the world: they are made up of (geographically) dispersed actors and secondly, its members can be connected through ICTs. Thus the stakeholders of our knowledge networks include young professionals, but also youth at the secondary school level and members of relevant global diasporas, all of whom are challenged through our programs, to create local solutions to the problems facing their communities. MOVAAR supports its aim with three objectives which guide this process: firstly, to provide coaching and mentorship training, secondly, to facilitate useful interactions, and finally, to ensure alumni opportunities. Through our two focus areas of education and grassroots entrepreneurship, we believe that we can prepare leaders and change-makers. Through the support of locally inspired community development efforts around the world we hope to also make a contribution to a global brain gain movement that is sustainable.