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GES Young Fellows

GES Young Fellows Program (GES-YF-Program) is a one-year program for young, exceptionally creative and enterprising individuals (less than 35 years of age) that show promise of becoming leading change-makers in their respective communities – academia, business, policy-making, the media, and civil organizations.

The objective of the GES-YF-Program is to give young, inspiring students and professionals the opportunity to attend the GES in order to promote the implementation and dissemination of promising, concrete ideas in global problem-solving. This program is meant to initiate an ongoing international effort that taps some of the brightest minds of the young generation to identify, evaluate and implement solutions to global problems.

GES Young Fellows 2015

 Julian Blohmke
Julian Blohmke

PhD Researcher, International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development (ICIS), Maastricht University

Project: The bioeconomy era and the need for intelligent biomass resource exploitation: A knowledge tool for residual biomass sourcing



 Omar Jagne
Kebba-Omar B. Jagne

Founder, Making Our Visions and Aspirations Reality (MOVAAR)

Project: Making Our Visions and Aspirations Reality (MOVAAR)



 Negrete García
Ana Karen Negrete García

Doctoral Student in Economic Sciences, University of Goettingen and Research Fellow, German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

Project: The Global Entrepreneurship Platform: A buffer to enhance the constrained potential of small scaled firms



 Yunting Yang
Yunting Yang

Master Degree Candidate, China University of Political Science and Law

Project: China’s coal future




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