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Selected Solutions

Selected Solution Proposals

Members of the GES community have come up with many excellent proposals to address global challenges.

Download (PDF: 140 KB)



The latest program of the GES 2015.

Download Program (PDF: 0,5 MB)

Who is Who

Who is Who


DownloadWho is Who (PDF: 2,6 MB)






The GES Preview comprises new features, issue cluster and session topics, the preliminary program, session descriptions as well as selected speakers.

Download Preview (PDF: 0,8 MB)



Get a lively impression of the GES in its entirety: Images, Quotes, Selected Speakers, Challenges, Solutions and Contributing Institutions over the years.

Download Brochure (PDF: 1,8 MB)





GES Flyer


At a glance: What is the GES all about? When will the next GES take place? What are the overall topics of the Challenges the GES is dealing with?

Download Flyer (PDF: 11 KB)

Partnership Flyer

Partnership Flyer

At a glance: How can your company or institution help to make the GES a success? What are your benefits? Who is your contact person for partnership opportunities?

DownloadPartnership Flyer
(PDF: 8 KB)



Young Fellows

Young Fellows Brochure

Get to know the GES Young Fellows 2015 and discover how their projects help to solve global problems!

DownloadBrochure (PDF: 0,3 MB)


The main results of the Global Economic Symposium have been published in the books Global Economic Solutions.

Press Material

Media Kit

For press material see our section media.