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The GES Team


Executive Team
Policy Board


Chair of the Advisory Board

Dennis J. Snower

Sean Cleary

Managing Directors

Managing Director

Head of the GES Center

Thierry Malleret

Willi Scholz

Advisory Board


Content & Communities
Project Manager Kathrin Kupke
Research Coordinator Dennis Görlich
Content Coordinator Stéphanie Janet
Assistants Anna Breling, Jan M. Hinz, Tinka Krüger, Cathy Nishioka, Steffen Müller, Lukas Nord


Communication & Public Relations
Head of Communication Jonathan Henning
Project Manager Web
Anja Busch
Web Assistant Nils Hoffmann
Social Media Manager Benedikt Schäfer, ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics
Publications Ilse Büxenstein-Gaspar, Kerstin Stark
Press IfW PR Center, ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics



Sponsoring & Partnerships
Administrative Manager
Regina Arnhold
Partnership and Strategic Advisor Lena Hagelstein
Partnership and Strategic Advisor Pan Pan


Guest Management & Logistics
Guest Manager Panelists Marion Glowatzka
Guest Manager Participants Gritta Jegliewski
Logistics Manager
Christophe Amenc
Database Christoph Bruhn
IT Infrastructure Karsten Gebhardt


Team Coordination & Office
Team Coordinator Doris Borchardt
Secretary Gritta Jegliewski


Session Organizer
Session A New Dawn for the Future of the Ocean?
José Maria Figueres, Carbon War Room
Lena Hagelstein, GES
Session A Pivot to the East? – Geopolitics in Asia
Lena Hagelstein, GES
Session Addressing Financial Uncertainty
Session Addressing Inequality
Session Adventures in Waste and Recycling – Creating Value
Lena Hagelstein, GES
Session Bringing Electricity to the Poor
Christine Merk, Kathrin Rehdanz, Kiel Institute
Session Climate and Competitiveness
Lena Hagelstein, GES
European Climate Foundation
Session Consensus-Building in Transformation Processes
Robert Schwarz, Bertelsmann Stiftung
Session Creating Virtuous Talent Triangles for Labor Migrants: An Asian Perspective
Christal Morehouse, Bertelsmann Stiftung
Session Dealing with Rising Inequalities
Thierry Malleret, GES
Session Enhancing Social Capital
Levent Neyse, Steven Bosworth, Kiel Institute
Session Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
Dan Evans, Storm King Analytics
Thierry Malleret, GES
Session Environment and Economic Growth
Session Escaping the Middle Income Trap
Klaus-Jürgen Gern, Kiel Institute
Session Fighting Corruption in a Multipolar World
Esther Ademmer, Kacana Sipangule, Kiel Institute
Session Forests, Food and Biodiversity
Johannes Burmeister, Gernot Klepper, Ruth Delzeit
Kiel Institute
Session Fostering Innovation in Global Supply Chains Adjustment
Sandy Hsiao-Wen Huang, Industrial Technology Research Institute
Wan-Hsin Liu, Kiel Institute
Session Global Supply Chains and Sustainability
Ursula Fritsch, Dennis Görlich, Kiel Institute
Session Good Governance—For People's Sake
Session How to bring Morality into Markets
Andreas Friedl, Linda Kleemann, Kiel Institute

Investing in Asia – Cyclical or Structural Growth Slowdown?
Pan Pan, GES

Session Islamic Finance
Session Losing Ground
Clemens Kunze, Heinrich Böll Foundation
Session Monetary Policy and Income Inequality
Mariya Mileva, Wolfgang Lechthaler, Kiel Institute
Session Norms for Global Governance
Sean Cleary, GES
Session Our Energy Future
Lena Hagelstein, GES
Session Setting the Scene - The Global Economic Outlook
Stefan Kooths, Kiel Institute
Session Setting the Scene - The Global Geopolitical Outlook
Lena Hagelstein, GES
Session Shaping a Free and Fair World Trade Order
Ulrich Schoof, Bertelsmann Stiftung
Session Smart Urban Planning for Megacities
Sebastian Petrick, Kiel Institute
Session Social Cohesion - Measuring Common Ground
Peter Walkenhorst, Bertelsmann Stiftung
Session Successful Implementation of Health System Reforms
Thomas Rausch, Bertelsmann Stiftung
Viktoria Rabovskaja, GIZ
Session Successful Policy Design for Social Security Systems
Daniel Schraad-Tischler, Bertelsmann Stiftung
Julius Spatz, GIZ
Session Teach Nothing But Thinking
Session The 21st Century Challenge:  Inclusive Leadership
Lena Hagelstein, GES
Session The Dimensions of Integration in ASEAN
Session The Future of Global Money
Stefan Kooths, Kiel Institute
Session The Future of Jobs
Dennis Görlich, Kiel Institute
Session The Future of Social Impact Investing
Pan Pan, GES
Session The Future of Wages and Benefits
Dennis Görlich, Kiel Institute
Mike Orszag, Towers Watson & Co.
Session The New Global Financial Architecture
Session The Potential of Macroeconomic Surveillance
Martin Ploedt, Jens Hogrefe, Kiel Institute
Session The Role of Media in Today's World
Anya Schiffrin, Columbia University
Session Transforming Education in the Digital Age
Ralph Müller-Eiselt, Bertelsmann Stiftung