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Selected Sessions

What makes the GES unique is its research-based and solutions-oriented nature. As such, most sessions in the program require panelists to work on the Solution Sessionsolutions they submit to researchers. A few sessions in the program provide insights rather than solutions. Insight SessionGES Insight Sessions provide participants with high-level, forward looking and relevant insights on current global issues. Speakers and moderators will discuss current issues with a view to identify key players, highlight innovative ideas in the area, and pose probing questions.

Global Economic Symposoium 2013 - Day 1 - Sessions - 0005

Global Economic Symposoium 2013 - Day 1 - Sessions - 0006

Global Economic Symposoium 2013 - Day 2 - Session - 0036

Global Economic Symposoium 2013 - Day 1 - Sessions - 0007

Global Economic Symposoium 2013 - Day 1 - Break - 0036

Global Economic Symposoium 2013 - Day 2 - Session - 0039

Global Economic Symposoium 2013 - Day 2 - Session - 0004

Global Economic Symposoium 2013 - Day 2 - Session - 0044





Plenary Opening Plenary - Restructuring Economies, Transforming Societies

Plenary Officiation Ceremony and Closing Plenary - Solutions in Action

Towards Sustainable Economies




Solution SessionAddressing Financial Uncertainty

Solution SessionAdventures in Waste and Recycling – Creating Value

Solution SessionClimate and Competitiveness

Solution SessionCreating Virtuous Talent Triangles for Labor Migrants: An Asian Perspective

Solution SessionEnvironment and Economic Growth

Solution SessionForests, Food and Biodiversity

Solution SessionFostering Innovation in Global Supply Chains Adjustment

Solution SessionGlobal Supply Chains and Sustainability

Insight SessionInvesting in Asia – Cyclical or Structural Growth Slowdown?

Insight SessionIslamic Finance

Solution SessionLosing Ground

Solution SessionOur Energy Future

Solution SessionSmart Urban Planning for Megacities

Solution SessionThe Future of Jobs

Solution SessionThe Future of Wages and Benefits

Solution SessionSetting the Scene - The Global Economic Outlook


Towards Equitable Societies

Solution SessionAddressing Inequality

Solution SessionBringing Electricity to the Poor

Solution SessionDealing with Rising Inequalities

Solution SessionEnhancing Social Capital

Solution SessionMonetary Policy and Income Inequality

Solution SessionSocial Cohesion - Measuring Common Ground

Solution SessionSuccessful Implementation of Health System Reforms

Solution SessionSuccessful Policy Design for Social Security Systems

Solution SessionTeach Nothing But Thinking

Insight SessionThe 21st Century Challenge: Inclusive Leadership

Solution SessionThe Dimensions of Integration in ASEAN

Solution SessionThe Future of Social Impact Investing

Solution SessionTransforming Education in the Digital Age


Towards Adequate Governance

Solution SessionA New Dawn for the Future of the Ocean?

Insight SessionA Pivot to the East? – Geopolitics in Asia

Solution SessionConsensus-Building in Transformation Processes

Solution SessionEntrepreneurial Ecosystems

Solution SessionEscaping the Middle Income Trap

Solution SessionFighting Corruption in a Multipolar World

Insight SessionGood Governance—For People's Sake

Solution SessionHow to bring Morality into Markets

Insight SessionIndonesian Luncheon Talk

Solution SessionNorms for Global Governance

Insight SessionSetting the Scene - The Global Geopolitical Outlook

Solution SessionShaping a Free and Fair World Trade Order

Solution SessionThe Future of Global Money

Solution SessionThe New Global Financial Architecture

Solution SessionThe Potential of Macroeconomic Surveillance

Solution SessionThe Role of Media in Today's World