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REDISA - transforming South African societies through skills and small business development

September 06, 2014

6 September 2014 - Johannesburg, South Africa: Representatives from the world of business, politics, science and society have congregated in Kuala Lumpur today to attend the 7th Annual Global Economic Symposium (GES). The two-day conference will host 600 prominent industry representatives from across the globe with the aim to be discuss and develop solutions to current global economic challenges.

The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA) is a firm supporter of GES and will be among this year’s participants. REDISA CEO Hermann Erdmann will be part of a panel which will be discussing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and the need for a paradigm shift in  creating value from  waste. According to Erdmann, “It is time for a fundamental shift in how nations address waste. If waste is recovered and recycled back into new raw materials, creating value in place of the costs associated with waste, the State is gaining on both fronts”.

Since inception, the GES has addressed issues faced by the global economy in its distinctive research-based, solution-oriented way. “Our overarching goal is to explore human potential for global cooperation and in the long run to hopefully transform societies and economies and strengthen governance structures. I am very optimistic that the discussions that will take place at this symposium in Malaysia will provide solution proposals to better address the challenges that we face,” Professor Dennis J. Snower, President of the Global Economic Symposium (GES).

REDISA’s participation at this year’s GES further solidifies its ongoing commitment to finding practical solutions to global economic problems and positions the company as a global innovative company finding solutions in an ever changing environment. REDISA also recently won the Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award. The award recognises the innovative use of Oracle technology to address the global sustainability challenge.

This award highlights to an international audience our hard work creating a management system which is an effective tool to build and grow a recycling industry, create jobs, deal with an environmental problem and at the same time make a significant contribution to reducing the national carbon footprint, ” says REDISA CEO Hermann Erdmann.

REDISA continues to support GES’s vision by playing a pivotal role in the transformation of South African societies through skills and small business development. The REDISA Waste Tyre Management Plan aims to create 10 000 new jobs and incorporate 5 000 existing jobs from the informal sector by 2017.



REDISA is a non-profit company responsible for developing and implementing the “Waste into Worth” concept.  The REDISA model is unique – literally a world first, and one that is generating a lot of interest beyond its immediate application to tyres. The underlying principle, of putting the cost of eventual collection and disposal of products directly against the products themselves, as a cost of manufacturing, has not been put into practice before. There are various waste management programmes that have elements of applying this ‘producer pays’ principle but none have addressed it completely in the way that REDISA is set up.

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