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The World Seeks Solutions in Kiel!

The GES 2013 takes place from October 1st to 2nd! The overarching theme is "Redefining Success".

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Atlantic Hotel Kiel, Germany
October 1 - 2, 2013
September 30, 2013
€ 1500
600 leading decision makers from politics, business, finance, academia, and civil society.


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Overarching Theme: Redefining Success

In today’s globalized world, too much emphasis is placed on economic success, measured in terms of material wealth. What gets overlooked is that GDP and other economic activities are means to ultimate ends, not the ends themselves. We need to redefine success in terms of the wellbeing that is generated by our activities and how this wellbeing is distributed across populations and generations. Such a redefinition can lead to new approaches toward achieving fair and sustainable prosperity. It can also uncover new opportunities for human cooperation.



Gigantic ferries to Scandinavia, cruise liners from all over the world, shopping malls, Baltic beaches and the cultural scene make the life worth living in the city centre of Kiel.

Through its unique location at Kiel Firth, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein is on the waterfront like no other Baltic metropolis. Therefore it is called KIEL.SAILING CITY...