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Open Solution

Open Solution
Water and biodiversity, soils and forests – and most notably their capacity for storing CO2 – are being turned into tradable goods. As one would expect, an intensive debate has developed around this topic.

We want to discuss that. Together with you.

We think there is a huge potential by letting more people join our quest for global solutions. So we started the GES Open Solution. It was a non-scientific document open to everybody seeking for solutions on The New Economy of Nature.

Open-Access Document
As an open-access document it connected open solution participants with international scientists, business-leaders and decision-makers to create a global problem's solution which might even be implemented on top decision-level in the near future.

The workspace was an open forum and it was all about the ideas discussed within the GES community!

Our goals of the Open Solution were to empower our community to take part in processes they would otherwise not be part of. We were interested in the results of a cooperation with our community.

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