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March 2013


Pricing Water: a Way to Recognize Water as a Resource?

March 22, 2013

The World Water Day should focus attention on the importance of freshwater and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Check out our latest GES Brief “Water Management”, which comprises promising and innovative solution proposals of four panels on sustainable water use.




See how GES solutions can be implemented: Liberia’s Health Sector Pool Fund

March 21, 2013

Liberia’s Health Sector Pool Fund

Repairing Failed States” have been discussed at the Global Economic Symposium. "Transform aid delivery by establishing trust funds co-managed by the state and donors, developing sector-wide approaches where donors pool funds, and giving management of sector programs to the local government." is one result. This solution has been implemented:

The Implementation: Liberia’s Health Sector Pool Fund

Liberia's Health Sector Pool Fund was established in 2009 by the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare to support the implementation of the National Health Plan.

The Implementation: Liberia’s Health Sector Pool Fund



Vote the topic for the Open Solution 2013

March 18, 2013

Open Solution 2013The Global Economic Symposium aims to connect people from all over the world with top-level scientists, CEOs, politicians, and other decision-makers.You have the chance to work conjointly on an open document which will be discussed at the GES 2013 in Germany. We call that process the "Open Solution".

The Open Solution launches on April 1st, 2013. Until then you can vote the topic you want to discuss together with the GES-experts in 2013. Your vote will decide which way the Open Solution 2013 will take. To cast your vote, click here:



Make creditors pay for excessive risk-taking of banks

March 18, 2013

Balancing Risk Taking and Financial RegulationThe EU has required a one-time tax of 9.9% on Cypriot bank deposits of more than €100,000 as part of a bailout for Cyprus. In the future, creditors should be forced to pay the bill for excessive risk-taking of banks, GES-experts say. To get there, debt issued by systemically relevant financial institutions should be "solvency-convertible": If such an institution becomes insolvent, the debt would be converted into equity.

Read more about the proposal "Proposal - Solvency-Convertible Bonds and Financial Vigilance Agency"



Credible fiscal rules needed for austerity and growth

March 15, 2013

Fiscal Consolidation through Fiscal Rules

At the EU summit in Brussels, debates have arised on the best economic policy to ensure austerity without suppressing economic growth. Both would be possible by enforcing credible fiscal rules, GES-experts say. A fiscal rule defines a long-term target for the debt-to-GDP ratio, but allows short-term action for growth incentives during times of recession.


Read more about "Solution for Fiscal Consolidation through Fiscal Rules"



Changing Behavior in Aging Societies

March 14, 2013

Check out our latest GES Brief “Expanding Job Opportunities for Senior Citizens” and find promising and innovative solution proposals. We thank our Knowledge Partner Bureau of European Policy Advisers (BEPA) for co-organizing the respective session at the GES 2012.




Abolish the mandatory retirement age

March 13, 2013

Financing Old Age

After the Bertelsmann Foundation published a study suggesting to raise the retirement age to 69, debates arise about the future of the public pension system. GES-experts support the idea of lengthening working lives: Mandatory retirement age needs to be abolished and retirees should be allowed to work while drawing benefits.

Read more about "Financing Old Age"



GES Speaker 2013: We welcome Barry Eichengreen

March 12, 2013

Barry EichengreenBarry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley, will join the Global Economic Symposium 2013.

He will speak in the Plenary on “The Future of Central Banking and Financial Market Reform”.



Do we need Gender Quotas?

March 8, 2013

Implementing Board Diversity

On International Women's Day, women's rights stand in the focus. But are gender quotas the right way to secure these rights?

Read our pro and con blog posts "Quotas Matter for Full Equal Political and Economic Participation" and "Gender Quotas are Discriminatory", see what GES-experts have to say and get involved!

Read more what GES-experts have to say



New funding models for higher education

March 5, 2013

Redefining Universities

As the last German states scrap tuition fees, debates arise on how to finance higher education. GES-experts suggest to experiment with new funding models for higher education to give access to quality education to students who can pay little or nothing – for example, by charging for certification, examination processing, learning support or online internships, rather than for content and its delivery.

Read more about "Redefining Universities"


Executive pay: Stronger voting rights for long-term shareholders

March 5, 2013

Balancing Risk Taking and Financial Regulation

The Swiss have backed executive pay curbs in a referendum and the European Union agreed a cap on bankers' bonuses. For GES-experts, the shareholders should be the ones to decide on executive pay. Long-term investors should be rewarded with stronger voting rights. By doing this, management would be led to balance the short-term pressures of the market with the interests of long-term shareholders.

Read more about "Balancing Risk Taking and Financial Regulation"



GES 2012 solutions published!

March 4, 2013

The main results of the Global Economic Symposium 2012 have been published. The book Global Economic Solutions 2012/2013 contains solution proposals generated by the GES 2012 in Rio de Janeiro.

Check out our new and innovative solutions from the Global Economic Symposium 2012. For further insights visit our repository of Solutions or browse our Knowledge Base.




US need a fiscal rule to ensure budget consolidation

March 1, 2013

Fiscal Consolidation through Fiscal RulesIf Democrats and Republicans don’t find a last minute agreement, draconian cuts to the US budget are scheduled to kick in at midnight Friday. The ongoing debates on the US budget deficit have a negative impact on the world economy. To resolve the crisis, America finally needs to implement a credible fiscal rule to ensure budget consolidation.

Read More about "Solution for Fiscal Consolidation through Fiscal Rules?"



GES Speaker 2013: We welcome Wim Kok

March 1, 2013

GES Speaker 2013

Wim Kok, President of the Club de Madrid, will speak at the Global Economic Symposium 2013.

He served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 1994 until 2002.


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