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GES Programm 2013

Essential Information

The conference materials of the GES 2013.


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(Updated 09/16/2013)

GES Preview.jpg


The GES Preview comprises new features, issue cluster and session topics, the preliminary program, session descriptions as well as selected speakers and quotes.

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(Updated 09/26/2013)

GES Structure 2013


The GES is an action-oriented solution symposium, not a discussion forum. Read more about the GES focused on proposed solutions to global problems.

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(Updated 11/28/2012)

GES Flyer 2013


The GES is a solution forum. It is an ongoing strategic process and dialogue in which the entire global economic community generates ideas, develops visions and instigates feasible projects in the cause of global problem-solving.

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(Updated 01/25/2013)

GES Sponsoring 2013


The GES offers a wide range of opportunities for sponsors, including involvement in global problem-solving initiatives, visibility in corporate responsibility, networking, new insights into global trends and discussions of innovative business and policy strategies.

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(Updated 01/25/2013)

Future Challenges Reader - GES 2013

Future Challenges Reader

The Future Challenges joined the GES discussions. They interviewed senior decision-makers and challenged established views with their thoughtful questions. Moreover, the bloggers opened up the conference to an online audience by posting blogs and tweeting about the GES’ substance and tone. This Future Challenges GES Reader is a collection of the best blogposts that were published during the Global Economic Symposium!

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(Published January 2014)

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The main results of the Global Economic Symposium have been published in the books Global Economic Solutions.

Press material

Media Kit

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