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Ideas and Implementation Fair

Each Idea and Implementation will be presented in a 10-minute slot, followed by a discussion. Please choose which discussion you wish to attend.


Table 1 POWERFACADE as a Measure for Decentralized Energy Supply“
Reinhard CordesReinhard Cordes, CEO and Owner, ONLYGLASS
Table 9
dotHIV - The Red Ribbon of the Digital Age
PlatzhalterGreta Philine Jeske, Community Manager, dotHIV gemeinnütziger e. V.

Table 2 Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment, a Global Challenge Addressed by DPDHL and SOS Children's Villages
Philip Doyle and Christoph SeligPhilip Doyle, Campaigns Advisor, SOS Childrens Villages International
Christoph Selig, Senior Program Manager GoTeach, Deutsche Post DHL, Germany
Table 10 YooWeeDoo - Empowering Social Innovators at Universities
Linda KleemannLinda Kleemann, Research Fellow, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany

Table 3 Two Measures to Tackle Euro Design Flaws” and “The IMF and Reserve Management
Harold JamesHarold James, Professor of History and International Affairs, Princeton University, USA
Table 11 Connecting Startups and Unemployed Workers with Project Focused Internships
Kasper Worm-PetersenKasper Worm-Petersen, Partner and Managing Director, Grasp Media Group, Denmark

Table 4 New Ways to Improve the Job-Placement-Rate of People with Health-Restrictions Into Sustainable Employment
Rolf SaloRolf Salo, Chairman of the Board, Salo Holding, Germany
Table 12 Arabreneur Building an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in the MENA Region
Abdul Al JaberAbdul Al Jaber, Chairman and CEO, Middle East Payment Services, Jordan

Table 5 To Change Environmental Behavior, Should we Really Tell People the World is Coming to an End?
Elke WeberElke Weber, Professor of International Business, Columbia University, USA
Table 13 Irrepressible Voices - Make Your Voice Heard!
PlatzhalterIsabel Gahren, Co-Founder, Irrepressible Voices
Linda Walter, Co-Founder, Irrepressible Voices

Table 6 Towards a More Altruistic Society
Matthieu RicardMatthieu Ricard, Founder, Karuna-Shechen, France
Table 14 Agree Internationally on a Flat 15% Tax for All Countries and Avoid Offshore-Tax Havens
Andrew ShengAndrew Sheng, President, Fung Global Institute, Malaysia

Table 7 Agriculture in Transition Unlocking the Ecological and Social Potentials of the Agriculture Sector
Barbara UnmüßigBarbara Unmüßig, President, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Germany
Table 15 The Importance of Sharing Technologies That May Create Huge Externalities for Mankind
Carlos I. Simonsen LealCarlos I. Simonsen Leal, President, FGV Foundation, Brazil

Table 8 Buried Wealth: Finally Realizing Benefits From Resource-Rich Soil
G. Ryan AnsinG. Ryan Ansin, Chairman, Clarity Project, USA
Table 16 tbd
John BryantJohn Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Operation HOPE, USA



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October 2, 2013
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