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Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal

President, FGV Foundation

Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal

FGV Foundation takes great pleasure in receiving you in Rio de Janeiro for the GES 2012 event. FGV’s role in this event has been gaining significance since 2010, when we were invited to participate in panels and debate sessions which brought together representatives with a renowned knowledge of the themes being addressed. With the support of Bertelsmann Stiftung and of ZBWLeibniz, and through an important partnership established with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the GES is being held this year in Brazil for the first time. The GES is being reinforced as an important initiative for the generation of ideas, as well as practical and concrete proposals to help solve the main problems that we face in the contemporary world. At a time when the world is being rocked by instability, and when many countries are suffering the effects of an extended crisis, it has become increasingly important to rethink our societal organization, as well as the political and economic models currently in effect.

Within this context, Brazil has been demonstrating its strength and power through a solid and stable economy. This is the right time to host a conference of such magnitude within the country. The positive results obtained over the past few years are the outcome of a process of hard work that has extended over decades, as well as of a democracy that has been consolidated by overcoming crises. As a result, Brazil now has a position of leadership, not only in relation to its Latin American neighbors but also in relation to the entire world. Hosting the GES 2012 in Brazil represents a breakthrough in global dynamics, and will offer a new level of dialog through the valuable exchange of experiences. The examples shown by Brazil in terms of economy, policy, society and the environment may inspire creative and innovative proposals that can be replicated by other countries, through the study of the successful solutions developed in this country.

By heading the arrival of the GES in Brazil, FGV Foundation has strengthened its position as a Top Think Tank in Latin America and in the Caribbean, as well as one of the main Think Tanks in the world when it comes to the formulation of public policies. It is an autonomous education center of quality and excellence, which has dedicated its efforts towards the economic, social and intellectual development of the country for almost 70 years. One of FGV’s main pillars is to efficiently contribute towards the innovation and streamlining of Brazilian institutions. On the international stage, our performance extends to all continents; through the interchange and dissemination of academic and scientific knowledge; through partnerships established with similar institutions; and through holding seminars and directly sharing our expertise towards both public and private management.

In its turn, the city of Rio de Janeiro appears to be the ideal setting for the GES 2012 discussions. Traditionally considered as a showcase for the country’s qualities, the city is experiencing a moment of optimism and has been the target of huge investments for the hosting of big international events such as the 2014 Soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games of 2016. The recent Rio+20 showed the international community its ability in planning and executing large-size events. It has also given the city the opportunity to show its social-economic progress in a wide range of areas such as security, tourism, health, education, culture and infrastructure. We hope that the happiness and hospitality of the cariocas (Rio de Janeiro residents) as well as the natural beauty of the city proves addictive, ensuring the GES attendees a happy and productive stay.

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