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Alessio J.G. Brown

Executive Director, Global Economic Symposium (GES) Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Alessio J.G. Brown

You have joined the Global Economic Symposium (GES) to think afresh about solutions to some of the most important challenges that the world faces today. See the GES as an opportunity to think out of the box, removed from conventional wisdoms, interest groups and the everyday constraints of politics and society to envision something new. In our panel sessions practical visions and concrete solution proposals for our proliferating global problems will be developed. Our Plenaries, Roundtables, Ideas Fair, and Labs generate seminal ideas, with the aim of leading to practical visions in the future, or deal with concrete projects that serve as examples of how our practical visions are being implemented or can be implemented.

As you know, the GES is not only an annual event, but a continuous movement of research, generation, discussion and dissemination of global problem-solving ideas, proposals and implementation. This movement rests on expanding networks of global citizens—not only decision- makers but also the wider civil society. We have expanded our knowledge base through the work of the German National Library of Economics.

This GES 2012 in Rio de Janeiro would not have been possible without the FGV Foundation, its generous support and the far-sighted leadership of President Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal combined with the inspiration of Cesar Campos, Director of FGV Projetos. Not only is the FGV Foundation the host of this Symposium, it has also contributed substantially to the intellectual development of this GES and organized various panels and roundtables.

The whole GES team welcomes you to the Global Economic Symposium (GES) 2012 in Rio de Janeiro and we expect you to make the GES your own. Contribute as global citizens and take advantage of the opportunities the GES creates during these two days in Rio de Janeiro and beyond as an active and resourceful member of the GES Community.

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