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The New Role of Government


The New Role of GovernmentIn recent years, government actions have been at the center of significant economic developments, with defining influence in events such as the prologue and the aftermath of the financial crisis, the design and the search for solution of the Eurozone crisis, and the rise and maturation of large emerging economies. These actions raised the debate over the effectiveness and role of governments in promoting economic stability and growth. Economic recovery and prosperity seem more dependent than ever on the responses governments will provide to an ever complex world. If, in one hand, citizens continue to expect governments to create a favorable economic environment, criticism also arise frequently over potential excesses and/or ineffectiveness of actions in regulation and intervention. Beyond providers, governments today often become partners, facilitators, regulators, competitors,… This roundtable aims to discuss this multitude of roles and how governments can contribute effectively to development through an effective and enduring involvement in the economy. While no one-size-fits-all situations, we will aim to assess participation roles through different experiences and points of observation from our speakers.



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