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Philip BrandeckerPhilip Brandecker (Fellow 2012)
Referee CEO, Veolia Umweltservice GmbH

"The GES is without a doubt a very inspiring event. Most of all I enjoyed getting to know the other GES fellows: Young and motivated people with different backgrounds coming together from all over the world to exchange thoughts and trying to make a difference for the future. Isn't that what the spirit of the GES is all about?"


Eric HanushekEric Hanushek
Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University


"The exciting thing about GES 2012 was the interactions with so many interesting, diverse, and thoughtful people. The passion of the participants was infectious and led to some very creative discussions."


Uwe J. HeuserUwe J. Heuser
Head of Business, DIE ZEIT Deutschland


"The GES 2012 struck just the right balance. There were just enough highly interesting participants to always find new ideas and new aquaintances. A very good mix of well known world problems that await solving and new, highly innovative questions. And a good balance between sessions and social mingling."

dRobert A. Johnson
Executive Director, Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)

"In an era of post mechanistic economics the Global Economic Symposium is planting the seeds of a new way forward. A human vision to guide us toward new human solutions to real challenges. Bravo."

Will SnellWill Snell (Fellow 2012)
Director of Public Engagement and Development, Development Media International

"The GES was a unique opportunity to learn from and network with an extremely dynamic group of people from a wide range of backgrounds, united by a common interest in solving global problems. Our group of fellows reflected this diversity, and I am looking forward to keeping up and building on the links that were made in Rio this year."

Jeannette WeisschuhJeannette Weisschuh
Director Education Strategy, Hewlett Packard Corporation

"It has been an invaluable experience meeting with GES leaders and experts from around the globe at the GES 2012 to address critical challenges in education and to explore most innovative concepts together. Innovations and collaboration are key success factors to transform education and to ensure students can acquire the skills needed in the 21 century. Let's keep the positive momentum from the summit and ensure that some of the discussed innovations can be made real…"

Zarpana Massud-BaqaZarpana Massud-Baqa
Assistant Vice President at Asset Management–Environmental and Social Capital, Deutsche Bank AG

"Looking back to 2012, the GES in Rio was indeed a very unique opportunity for me. It was characterized by a variety of valuable experiences: I have grown not only professionally and expertise-wise but also personally. It was interesting to see so many dedicated speakers, panellists and participants making a difference in the world, real idealists."



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