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Economic Performance Index: An Alternative To Country-based Metrics

October 17, 2012

Economic Performance IndexIt is a joint initiative by the GES and Towers Watson. A bottom-up approach of looking at companies and industries as drivers of overall economic performance. The pilot team has had a first look at 16,000 companies in 17 leading industries in the G20.
Broad determinants of industry performance are as follows: business environment; cost of doing business; financial performance and productivity;  government effectiveness and infrastructure; innovation; and talent availability and quality.

Key results
Tremendous heterogeneity across industries – the disparities between developed countries and BRICs are huge in, for example, pharma and telecoms/media/technology – not in others – property, healthcare, natural resources and electronics.

Factors driving heterogeneity vary from industry to industry – for example, innovation and skills matter more in R&D intensive industries.

As an example, this is Brazil’s competitive position: low ranked in banking, food and beverages, pharma, telecoms/media/technology and tourism and leisure; middle ranked in healthcare, transport, insurance and chemicals; high ranked in aerospace and defence; property, natural resources, autos, retail, personal goods and energy and utilities.

Brazil performs less well in business environment, government effectiveness and infrastructure.

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