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Most Popular Solution Proposals

Most popular solution proposals 2012

Pre-school compassion training!


Top popular solutions proposals at the Global Economic Symposium 2012

  1. Offer ‘compassion training’ to pre-school classes to encourage pro-social behaviour
  2. Reward and sanction teachers on the basis of fair, objective and comprehensive metrics
  3. Base fiscal rules on operational targets for budget deficits and long-term debt-to-GDP targets
  4. To tackle youth unemployment, replace temporary contracts with single open-ended contracts with gradually increasing employment protection
  5. Establish a set of indicators of systemic risk and commitment devices for central banks and financial regulators
  6. To Design Intelligent Migration Policies - Offer ex-ante training for skilled workers in countries of origin financed by destination countries
  7. Institute mental gymnasia in the workplace as a complement to physical gymnasia
  8. Assess transparently the costs, risk and potential benefits of Artic drilling

The popular solutions for the single sessions are based on the feedback participants of the GES 2012 have provided in each session from their personal perspective. The solution proposals on which the moderator and the panelists agreed on in the respective panels will be outlined in the book Global Economic Solutions, which will be finalized in the coming weeks. These are the results from these session votings:

The Global Economy

The Global Society

The Future of Central Banking: Inflation Targeting versus Financial StabilitySession Designing Intelligent Labor Migration PoliciesSession
Central Banks should designate a small number of indicators which have preceded and accompanied booms and busts in the past. whenever a majority of these indicators are flashing red, the regulator/Central Banker should be required either to take countervailing macro-prudential steps to counteract that phase in the cycle, or explain in public why they did not do so.

The Future of Central Banking- Inflation Targeting versus Financial Stability

Create a unified agency in Brazil that is capable of promoting initiatives and articulating the multiple institutional performers involved in immigration management. Designing Intelligent Labor Migration Policies
Fiscal Consolidation through Fiscal Rules?Session Tackling Inequality of OpportunitiesSession
Fiscal rules to support fiscal consolidation should consist of a long-term target for the debt/GDP ratio and an operating target for the budget deficit. Fiscal Consolidation through Fiscal Rules Endorse education policies with accompanying housing, neighbourhood and family policies, implicating local enterprises, social institutions, communities and the beneficiaries themselves in a participative venture. Tackling Inequality of Opportunities
Optimizing Information Use through the Internet and Social MediaSession Mental Training towards a Caring EconomySession
Governments should also ensure that the legal framework is adequate to deal electronic copyrights, network security and adata privacy, cybercrime and electronic fraud. Optimizing Information Use through the Internet and Social Media Introduce mental training facilities and courses into schools and businesses. Mental Training towards a Caring Economy
Effective Investments in EducationSession Tackling Youth UnemploymentSession
Governments should invest in fair, objective and comprehensive metrics for evaluating teacher performance. Effective Investments in Education Develop and improve vocational training in schools and provide opportunities for apprenticeships and on-the-job training as part of the educational programs. Tackling Youth Unemployment
Improving Financial Education and LiteracySession Expanding Job Opportunities for Senior CitizensSession
Provide more incentives/support for schools and firms to provide financial education Improving Financial Education and Literacy Allow wages to adjust to life-cycle productivity and refrain from overly restrictive employment protection legislation. Expanding Job Opportunities for Senior Citizens
Redefining UniversitiesSession Implementing Board DiversitySession
Public and private sector should jointly invest in building global multi-location universities that build job-creation ability and not just process-driven employability. Redefining Universities Accept quotas around the World as a temporary binding measure until the balanced equilibrium 40% is reached, accompanied by a program to orchestrate impartiality within the executive ladder in order to have a clear pipeline of prepared women. Implementing Board Diversity

The Global Polity

The Global Environment

Favelas—A Global Challenge and OpportunitySession Protecting and Restoring the World’s ForestsSession
Connecting formal and informal parts of the city, offering better conditions of life for all citizens (poor and rich sectors) which implies to rearticulate the relations between city, urbanity, landscape and qualified public spaces. Favelas - A Global Challenge and Opportunity Producers of forest based products should establish a guarantee of origin policy that accounts for both environmental and social sustainibility of their forest products. Schemes that offer such certification services are already well established, such as FSC which is globally valid and is no barrier to trade under the WTO. Protecting and Restoring the World’s Forests
Security in the Face of GlobalizationSession Exploring Energy Resources in the Arctic OceanSession
Install legislation and international agreements on AMLCTF (anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing), buttressed by the creation of Financial Intelligence Centres and other mechanisms to promote better communications and intelligence sharing, and of multinational taskforces to combat trans-border criminal activity. Security in the Face of Globalization All stakeholders, especially those from companies, but including those from outside the industry, need to start a new international dialogue about the ‘math’ of offshore oil extraction in the Arctic. They should transparently re-estimate the cost, risk and potential benefit of Arctic drilling. If private as well as public risk and cost turn out to be too high, businesses should pull out and impose a moratorium on drilling in the Arctic. Exploring Energy Resources in the Arctic Ocean
Fostering Open Government Initiatives in Public ServicesSession Reassessing Renewable EnergiesSession
Offer educational classes for students and adults on open government Fostering Open Government Initiatives in Public Services Renewable energy should serve as a mean of economic development. Renewable energy can create jobs, reduce CO2 emissions and provide/strength a decentralized energy supply especially in rural or marginal areas. Reassessing Renewable Energies
Promoting Food Security: The Contribution of Climate Smart AgricultureSession
Promote access to and protection of locally adapted sustainable and climate-smart agro-input systems. Promoting Food Security- The Contribution of Climate-Smart Agriculture

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