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Emerging Market Talent Hubs Barometer

Patricia Milligan, Senior Partner and President of Mercer’s Talent Business, Member of Executive and Operating Committees, Mercer LLC
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Patricia Milligan
Project summary

There is an overwhelming interest and need for companies and governments to close the gap between talent supply and demand. MNCs, local business-leaders, governments and NGOs are all eager to find practical solutions to drive economic growth and prosperity. These issues are seen globally, but are especially prominent in the emerging/high growth markets as the economies in these markets continues to outpace developed economies and the business environment becomes increasingly sophisticated. Talent issues in the emerging/high growth markets go beyond skills shortages; information on quality and cost, access to health care, training and development, mobility and governance issues all contribute to the equation.

Mercer is interested in creating an annualized study that has strong value-add to our clients to resolve talent supply/demand imbalance at the country, regional, and metropolitan level in specific industries, jobs and levels in emerging and high growth markets.

We will create a barometer that will help companies and other stakeholders to identify and compare the talent hubs and the underlying drivers for becoming a talent hub that include workforce quality and productivity, costs access to health care, education and training, and culture. We will work with all stakeholders on the employment equation—businesses, academics, NGOs, policy-makers, International Organizations and the talent itself to define those drivers. In addition, we will provide supply and demand information on the local talent pool for those high-in-demand jobs and toolkits and solutions to close gaps at the country/metropolitan/ industry/job level.

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