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Collaboration and Innovation Index for Sustainability

Jeannette Weisschuh, Director Global Education Strategy, HP Office of Sustainability & Social Innovation
Ideas Fair


Jeannette WeisschuhCollaboration and innovation are the most critical success factors to find new solutions to the most pressing challenges in the world. Collaboration needs to happen across countries, existing systems and organizations as nobody can solve wide-spanning issues alone. And not always, the wheels need to be reinvented. Innovation is required to apply ideas in new and different ways. What about coming up with an “Collaboration & Innovation Index for Sustainability” that indicates the chances to succeed in any social or environmental project and provides guidance and insights into critical success factors like “How collaboration leads to better results?;” “How innovation happens and helps to increase impact?”

There are so many ideas and best practices shared at many conferences and meetings around the world but where are they captured in a way that any interested investor and project owner can learn about solutions in a simple way and can get a strong sense on where to partner for an increased ROI? Such an index could be created with a special algorithm as cloud-enabled technology application where any sustainability project owner can upload data via the web or from mobile devices globally and learn about how his own project compares to others and why others potentially created an even higher impact. There could be build information clusters related to sustainability themes, regions, countries, etc. Why not launching such an index as one of the outcomes of the GES 2012 to increase transparency on how existing challenges are being addressed and what role collaboration and innovation do play?!

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