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Klaus Tochtermann

Director, ZBW-Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

The Internet and its convergence with mobile communications have enabled greater access to information and communication resources. Today, almost 2 billion people worldwide have access to and use the Internet. Still, the full potential of the huge treasures of digitally and online available knowledge and resulting opportunities for innovation and economic growth have not yet been fully exploited.

New shared principles norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programs that shape the evolution and use of the Internet and the knowledge available on the Internet are required. This is also related to new paradigms for Net Neutrality to address the right to access

content, services, sites, platforms etc. on the Internet without interference from Internet Service providers or governments. Based upon such shared principles new forms of open innovation approaches supporting the use of knowledge become possible. Making knowledge resources existing in social communities available for the solution of problems in the public sphere might result in more innovative and quicker realization of projects. It might also enhance the participation of citizens in the governance of local communities. The technical and organizational knowledge accumulated in open innovation projects conducted by firms can be used to conceive public projects with the participation of innovative citizens.

The Global Economic Symposium 2011 brings together a unique community of keen thinkers, major decision-makers and distinguished researchers to propose open-minded solutions for existing challenges such as Internet Governance and Open Access to Knowledge to mention just two which are of great importance for the ZBW-Leibniz Information Centre for Economics. The solutions will be produced within the context of economic growth and welfare and due its very nature the Global Economic Symposium 2011 will ensure that the solutions will be both radically new and implementable.

I am delighted to be one of the cooperation partners of the Global Economic Symposium 2011. My organization, the ZBW-Leibniz Information Centre for Economics will do its best to serve as “knowledge partner” for the Global Economic Symposium 2011 here in Kiel. I wish you great success and look forward to your proposed solutions.

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