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Themes and Sessions

The Symposium is divided into themes and each theme covers several symposium sessions. Each session of the GES deals with a problem that is relevant to the policy, business, academic, and civic communities and generates strategic responses to that problem. Leading decision makers from diverse walks of life will discuss these problems at the GES 2011.

Themes and sessions of the GES 2011 include:

GES ThemesGES Sessions

The Global Economy

Session Redesigning Fiscal Consolidation and Debt Management
Session The Economics and Psychology of Building Sustainable Finance
Session Coping with Systemic Risk
Session Reinventing Education
Session Open Innovation and Access to Knowledge
Session Projects: Using Evidence to Fight Poverty
The Global Society
Session Ethics and Trust in Society and Business
Session Migration, Integration and Identity
Session Insuring the Poor
Session Funding Social Enterprises
Session Improving Retirement and Health Choices
Session Board Diversity and Corporate Governance
The Global Polity Session Avoiding Currency Wars and Ensuring Balanced Global Recovery
Session Internet Governance Structures
Session Identifying and Preventing Future Security Threats
Session Norms for Global Governance
Session Mobilizing Global Capital for Emerging Infrastructure Needs
The Global Environment Session Managing Adaptation to Climate Change in the Developing World
Session Dealing with the Race for Agricultural Land
Session Water Scarcity and Virtual Water Trade
Session Reducing the Water and Waste Footprints of Megacities
Session Strategies for Climate Engineering
Session Pioneering Smart Electricity Systems
Session Shaping a Global Resource Strategy

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