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April 11, 2011 The Local Business Community Brings the Global Economic Symposium to Kiel

This year, the Global Economic Symposium (GES) will be held in Kiel for the first time, in the Hotel Atlantic on October 4–6. The generous financial support and participation of the local business community in Kiel, under the leadership of the Kieler Kaufmann Club and the Kiel Chamber of Industry and Commerce, has made it possible to establish Kiel as the “home port” of the GES. Now, influential economists, scientists, policymakers, and businesspeople from all over the world will converge upon Kiel every other year to find solutions to international economic problems. When the GES is not in Kiel, it will set out for other ports in order to promote the finding of solutions throughout the world.

At the request of the local business community, the GES this year will feature two special topics that are of particular interest to people in Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein, namely ways to increase international cooperation to make international shipping routes safer, and the role that maritime industry should play in ocean research.

This was announced at a press conference today by Schleswig-Holstein Minister of Economic Affairs Jost de Jager, Kiel Institute President and GES Director Dennis Snower, Kieler Kaufmann Club Chairman Wilhelm Tischendorf, Kiel Chamber of Industry and Commerce President Consul Klaus-Hinrich Vater, ZBW Director Prof. Klaus Tochtermann, and Kiel Institute Vice President Rolf Langhammer.

Minister de Jager stated it is an advertisement for Schleswig-Holstein as a business and research location to be a sponsor and host of such an internationally renowned symposium. “The GES accepts great challenges worldwide, from globalization to climate protection, and has developed into a trademark from which our state benefits,” according to de Jager. Further, he said that it is especially pleasing that the GES is returning to its home, Schleswig-Holstein, to take up its work there again after its intermezzo in Istanbul last year. He also thanked all of the participating companies, all of the sponsors, and the initiator of the GES, Kiel Institute President Dennis Snower, and his team.

Dennis Snower stated, “Without the generous support and participation of the local business community, we would not have been able to tie the GES to Kiel every other year. This year, I am looking forward to welcoming Nobel laureates, influential policymakers, and high-ranking CEOs in Kiel.

The chairman of the Kieler Kaufmann Club, Wilhelm Tischendorf, stated, “We are very pleased and honored that the GES will meet in its home city Kiel, for the first time. The business community in Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein, with its numerous innovative companies that operate worldwide, is very interested in the solutions to current economic and social problems that the GES will propose."

The president of the Kiel Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Consul Klaus-Hinrich Vater stated, “The business community in Schleswig-Holstein is pleased that the GES, with its solution-orientation, will take place in Kiel, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, in the future. This will make Schleswig-Holstein more attractive as a business location."


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