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Global Economic Workshop


Water Scarcity and Speculation in Markets for Agricultural Produce was identified as the most important global challenge in the Global Economic Workshop at the GES 2011 in Kiel.

It will play a major role in setting up the agenda for the GES 2012 according to the majority voting of the GES community at the 2011 annual meeting.

Furthermore, "Banks and the Debt Crisis", "Welfare and Progress beyond Growth", and "Overcoming Democratic Inertia" received high shares in the voting regarding the importance of global challenges. They will also be primarily addressed within the framework of the GES 2012.

The Workshop brings together everyone taking part in the Symposium – panelists, speakers and participants – in order to articulate a climate of opinion on what are the most serious global problems that we face nowadays. This community effort is meant to mirror the "GES spirit" of global collaboration across the boundaries of nations, cultures, professions, and ideologies.



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