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Bloggers at the GES 2011


Meet the Bloggers who reported from the GES 2011 in Kiel. They have diverse backgrounds but share a passionate interest for global problem solving.


Florian Bontrup

I'm interested in Global Governance, New Business Models, Society Twitter

Katharina Brunner

Katharina Brunner

I'm interested in Global Economy

  • Age: 23
  • Origin: Germany

Yannick Horas.png

Yannick Horas

I'm interested in Post-Growth Society

Artur Kacprzak

Artur KacprzakTwitter

I'm interested in comparing the GES with similar events in Poland. My primary theme of interest is economic issues, and I look forward to hearing the thoughts of "wise men" on the crisis.

Ulla Keienburg

Ulla KeienburgTwitter

I'm interested in what citizens expect in the future and in how they are preparing to handle those challenges they foresee. I'm interested in how the older generation acts as role models for younger people.

Eva Kersting.jpg

Eva Kersting

I'm interested in Development Policy, Gender issues

Andreas Köck.jpg

Andreas Köck

I'm passionate for global economic and political issues - especially concerning the transition and developing countries.

  • Age: 26
  • Origin Germany

alexa magsaam.jpg

Alexa Magsaam

I´m interested in international relations and the European integration

  • Age: 22
  • Origin: Germany

Anikó Mészáros

Anikó Mészáros

I'm interested in security as a broad concept, including energy issues and regional international cooperation.

  • Age: 24
  • Origin: Hungary

Justas Mundeikis

Justas MundeikisTwitter

I'm interested in international economic relations, Enviromental protection under the apsect of reducing, avoiding and recycling waste of large cities, Global Governance

Corina Murafa

Corina MurafaTwitter

I'm interested in energy and the environment, as well as the Euro-crisis, sovereign debt crises here and elsewhere, and European economic policy more generally.

Andreas Sator

Andreas SatorTwitter

I'm particularly interested in environmental and development issues. (e.g. "Reducing the Water and Waste Footprints of Megacities" or "Insuring the Poor").

Alexey Sidorenko

Alexey SidorenkoTwitter

I'm interested in internet governance, social media, democracy, freedom of speech, Liberalism, information, crisis mapping, crowdsourcing and social entrepreneurship.

Craig James Willy

Craig James Willy

I'm interested in European integration and regional integration more generally, in Transatlantic relations, and in transitions taking place in the developed world.

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