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Application Labs

The Application Lab provides opportunities to discuss new problem-solving enterprises, projects and ventures in a hands-on, interactive setting. They consist of short presentations, generally involving interaction with the audience, of pioneering practical applications that have the potential to transform the way we address well-defined global problems.


Rethinking Mobility: Electro Cars and eMobility Infrastructure

The automobile industry, one of the most important industries in the world is at the beginning of a revolution that might leave some of nowadays champions behind. There is no doubt that the peak of oil is not far anymore and climate change forces us to rethink our mobility. The most prominent solution so far is the electric car. Promising inventions have been made regarding storage batteries and electric cars will soon be in the maturity phase.

However, the success of the electric car will depend on the ability to integrate electric cars into intelligent traffic and energy networks based on intelligent charging and telecommunication infrastructures. Furthermore, to reduce carbon emissions sufficiently more has to be done. A high potential lies in the combination of different types of mobility: Railway, Public transport, Car Sharing, Carpooling, Car-2-Go are just the tip of the iceberg and need to be connected into an eMobility infrastructure” for the 21st century. How might automobile manufacturers and energy companies interact? What is the contribution of modern telecommunications to eMobility infrastructure? Should policy subsidize electro cars or focus on eMobility infrastructure? Or both?



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