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Ibrahim Turhan

Deputy Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey


Ibrahim TurhanI am pleased to welcome you to the Global Economic Symposium 2010, which is held in this beautiful venue on the banks of Bosporus. I am sure that hosting this special event in a city with an impressive history, cultural diversity and great financial potential would contribute extensively to the deliberations and discussions in the Global Economic Symposium.

Since 2007, we have been witnessing extraordinary global challenges that demonstrate the need for in-depth collective thinking and swift joint reaction among nations. In this respect, the Global Economic Symposium has proven to be a different and promising platform providing the participants the opportunity to seek clear-cut solutions to major global concerns. The Symposium is not only creating an action-oriented, interactive stage where global problems are explored and challenged but also global solutions are presented based on research by leading politicians, academicians, businessmen and members of civil organizations.

There is no doubt that this year’s Global Economic Symposium will be exceptional for several reasons. First of all, global challenges require a global vision that can only be enriched by concrete contributions of people from every country, age, race, religion and socio-economic group. I believe that moving the Global Economic Symposium to different global capitals around the world and hereby broadening the profile of participants would substantially contribute to the capacity of the Symposium to tackle global challenges. Therefore, I am proud to say that together with the Kiel Institute, we made a great step forward to make the Global Economic Symposium literally and physically more “global” this year by organizing it in Istanbul.

Furthermore, the Global Economic Symposium will be held for the first time in a location outside of Germany. As a vibrant city, I assume that Istanbul would introduce extra energy and new perspectives to the Global Economic Symposium and be the place for global dialogue in search for sustainable welfare. In return, taking the Global Economic Symposium to stage in Istanbul is a legitimate endorsement of Istanbul’s potential as a global financial hub and proof that Turkey is a rising force in the new global economic structure.

I hope that the Global Economic Symposium in Istanbul will lead us to concrete, constructive and realistic solutions in a time of unprecedented global developments and therefore remembered as a historical gathering. Taking this meaningful opportunity, I would like to thank everyone for attending and sharing their views at the Global Economic Symposium 2010. I wish us all a successful Symposium and a marvelous time in Istanbul.

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