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Welcome Addresses


José Manuel Barroso

Patron of the Global Economic Symposium 2010

Since the last meeting of the GES, Europe has been dealing with critical policy choices especially regarding the economy. Europe has shown it will stand up and be counted. But we have managed to get our act together, prevent a major systemic collapse, and lay the foundations for a new stage in economic integration.




Dennis J. Snower

Director, Global Economic Symposium (GES) President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy

I welcome you to the Global Economic Symposium (GES) 2010. Here you will be involved in a strategic dialogue on global problem-solving. In this increasingly interdependent world, this dialogue is vital, since many of the most serious problems are interdependent as well. It is significant that the GES 2010 takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. For Turkey is a pivotal country in the endeavor to address a variety of global problems, including social integration, international security issues, energy security, political and social exchange across cultures, economic relations between East and West, and much more.



Alessio J.G. Brown

Executive Director, Global Economic Symposium (GES), Kiel Institute for the World Economy

I welcome you to the GES 2010 in Istanbul. One of the inspiring aspects of the GES is that it brings together leaders from many different walks of life, all in the pursuit of a common cause: tackling problems that we have in common. Consequently each of us will make use of the GES differently. It is your job to make the GES your own. I wish to invite you to become an active and resourceful member of the GES Community, remaining engaged with us in the years to come.




Klaus Tochtermann

Director, ZBW-Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

The current shift towards a global knowledge society is mainly driven by an extremely high innovation speed and a continuously growing penetration of new information technologies. The positive impact is tremendous: we can access huge treasures of digitally available knowledge, we can communicate with each other regardless of place and time, we can increase the global level of education, we can release new sources of growth etc.—and all this will contribute to an improved quality of life for all members of our global knowledge society.



Durmuş Yilmaz

Durmuş Yilmaz Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

I would like to welcome you to the Global Economic Symposium 2010, which is jointly organized by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy at the Istanbul Congress Centre. It is a great pleasure for us to host this important event which was initiated two years ago by the Kiel Institute in order to create an international platform where policy makers, business executives, academics and civil society representatives will gather to define and propose concrete solutions to serious global problems faced by humankind.



Ibrahim Turhan

Ibrahim TurhanDeputy Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

I am pleased to welcome you to the Global Economic Symposium 2010, which is held in this beautiful venue on the banks of Bosporus. I am sure that hosting this special event in a city with an impressive history, cultural diversity and great financial potential would contribute extensively to the deliberations and discussions in the Global Economic Symposium.


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