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The Global Economic Fellows 2010

It's the dawn of their careers. They have plenty of ideas - ranging from climate change to sustainability. Get to know the Global Economic Fellows 2010!



Uwe Böwer

Directorate General, Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission

GEF Project: The Underestimated Labour Force. How New Forms of Voluntary Participation Can Contribute to Social Cohesion in Times of Post-Crisis Public Spending Cut-Back






Paul Chong

Strategy Consultant, Booz & Company

GEF Project: The Environment Auction House






Elizabeth Dickinson

Assistant Managing Editor, Foreign Policy Magazine

GEF Project: Make Peacekeeping Effective by Understanding the Microeconomic Incentives






Rose Goslinga

Coordinator of the Agricultural Index Insurance, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture

GEF Project: Agricultural Micro Insurance Enabling Farmers to Protect Their Farm Investments Through a New ‘Pay as You Plant’ Micro Insurance




Ivan Haščič

Economist and Policy Analyst, Empirical Policy Analysis Unit, OECD Environment Directorate

GEF Project: Development and International Diffusion of ‘Neglected’ Environmental and Climate Change Mitigation Technologies





Markus Helftewes

Project Engineer, Veolia Umweltservice GmbH

GEF Project: Biological Waste Treatment - A Global Approach to an Efficient Management of Resources





Asheesh Malhotra

Partner, Wipro Consulting Services

GEF Project: Measuring Corporate Success in an Uncertain Global Environment



Mwende Mwendwa

Associate Economist, The MDG Centre, East and Southern Africa

GEF Project: Multinational Corporations and Developing Countries-Walking the Talk







Christine Mareen Rupp

Principal, Booz & Company

GEF Project: Creating Incentives for Households to Reduce their Carbon Consumption Through Public-Private Partnerships






Harsh Vivek

Advisory Services, International Finance Corporation, the World Bank Group

GEF Project: Escaping the ‘Informal Employment Trap’ in Developing Countries




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