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Domingo Cavallo

Chairman and CEO, DFC Associates LLC; Member of G30

"GES 2010 was a superb opportunity to discuss proposed global economic solutions at the highest academic level"

Aart de Geus

Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

"GES and Istanbul was the right combination to discuss Society as a Market Place and as a Melting Pot"

Yves Leterme

Prime Minister, Belgium

"I was impressed by the number and the high level of the people taking part in GES 2010 in Istanbul. Furthermore, the organization was really perfect. A great occasion for an interesting exchange of views efficiently organized by the GES. Congratulations to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy."

Carlos Magariños

CEO, Global Business Development Network

“GES 2010 impressed me very much both for the quality of the discussions and proposals as for the level of the panelists. Its unique format, based on the discussions of concrete proposals made it all the more interesting and the logistics and other aspects of the formal organization were sincerely outstanding.”

Eric Stark Maskin

Nobel Laureate; Professor, Institute for Advanced Study

“I thought that GES 2010 was an unusually worthwhile conference. As advertised, it offered some interesting and well-considered proposals to solve very thorny global problems. But, more generally, it was a good opportunity to find out what particular issues leaders in politics, business, and academia are most worried about.”

Thomas Mirow

President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

"By bringing together leading thinkers and decision makers from very different fields, the GES provides a fertile ground for finding innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges."

Robert Wainwright

Director, Europol

"The GES is a good tool for tackling today's security challenges - timely, responsive to the changing global environment, and based on effective partnerships. I was pleased to be associated with such an enterprising initiative."

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