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Popular Solutions


This is a selection of particularly popular solution proposals of the GES 2010 in Istanbul. The popular solutions are based on the feedback participants of the GES 2010 have provided in each of the single sessions from their personal perspective.

The solution proposals on which the moderator and the panelists agreed on in the respective panels will be outlined in the book Global Economic Solutions, which will be finalized in the coming weeks.

The Global Economy

The Global Society

Reassessing Central BankingSession

Financing Old AgeSession
Central Banks should be given more responsibility to identify early potential risks and warnings to the financial system.. Introduce individual pension accounts, with budgetary neutral incentives to work.

Fighting Sovereign Debt Crises WorldwideSession

Growth through Poverty Reduction and Financial InclusionSession
Governments should formulate a fiscal rule and introduce an independent debt commission to implement this rule.

Provide vouchers to the poor to access education, nutrition and health services from private providers instead of state provision.

Women as Foundation for Rural Development PolicySession Preparing for Environmental MigrationSession
Form rural womens‘ associations for networking and mentoring to enable them to negotiate better prices and loan conditions.

Promoting transfers from high emission countries directly to individuals affected by climate change in poor countries to support adaptation..

Building Thriving Companies in Low-Income EconomiesSession Providing Portable Unemployment Insurance to Overseas WorkersSession
Subsidize companies in low income countries to allow them to lend at lower risk adjusted market rates of return.

Implement a forced savings program for portable unemployment insurance.

The Global Polity

The Global Environment

Stopping Human TraffickingSession

Climate Change and Economic DevelopmentSession

To fight human trafficking, establish institutions to enable foreign workers to seek help and legal protection irrespective of their legal status.

Develop a global price of carbon through carbon taxes or tradable permits.

Working Group on Building States and MarketsSession Tackling the Tragedy of the Water CommonsSession
Establish organizations committed to developing local governance capacity within fragile states.

Implement water footprinting.

Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and the Future of the InternetSession Towards a Global Electricity MarketSession
Identify potential criminal hackers early in their career through psychological profiling and divert them into more constructive web-based activities.

Increase power grid capacity and interconnect national power grids.

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