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Particulars, Program & Downloads


Particulars 2010


The world sought solutions in Istanbul!

The GES 2010 took place from September 27th-29th!

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Duration: 2 full days

Host: Central Bank of Turkey

Participants: 500 leading decision makers from politics, business, finance, academia, and civil society


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Downloads 2010


Global Economic Solutions

The Global Economic Solutions summarize some prominent, innovative proposals generated by the GES 2010. The proposals achieved sizable agreement from the GES panelists and the wider GES community.


Published 06/06/2011

Global Economic Solutions
GES 2010 Essentials

The main guidelines for all GES Participants are summarized in the Essential Information. This includes the program, welcome addresses, a list of all speakers, and more.

Published 09/17/2010
GES Essentials

GES Preview

The GES Preview comprises new features, themes and session topics, the advisory board  and the Preliminary Program of the GES 2010.


Updated 09/22/2010
GES Preview 2010
GES - The Structure
Learn more about the GES Process: Sources of Inspiration, Practical Visions, and Concrete Projects.



Updated 08/24/2010


GES - The Structure

GES Flyer

A quick guide to the GES 2010.


Updated 01/21/2011
GES Flyer


GES 2010 - Session Handouts

Download all session handouts in one file (PDF)

The Global Economy
The Global Society
Reassessing Central Banking

Financing Old Age

Fighting Sovereign Debt Crises Worldwide

Growth through Poverty Reduction and Financial Inclusion

Women as Foundation for Rural Development Policy

Preparing for Environmental Migration


Building Thriving Companies in Low-Income Economies

Providing Portable Unemployment Insurance to Overseas Workers


Rebalancing Trade and Capital Flows Shared Value and Sustainable Business Strategy
Improving Educational Infrastructure through Emerging Technologies Growing the Social Economy in a Fiscal Crisis
Escaping the Informal-Employment Trap in Developing Countries
The Global Polity
The Global Environment

Stopping Human Trafficking


Climate Change and Economic Development


Working Group on Building States and Markets


Tackling the Tragedy of the Water Commons


Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and the Future of the Internet


Towards a Global Electricity Market


Reconciling Trade and Carbon Governance
Meeting the Rising Global Demand for Food
The Psychology of Terrorism
Sustainability and Global Governance
Responses to Potential National Insolvency

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