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New Features


The GES takes place in alternation between Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and a major international center. Thereby, the Symposium aims to maintain its roots near the Kiel Institute while enlarging its communities abroad. Hosted by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey the GES 2010 took place in Istanbul on September 28 and 29, 2010.

Each year the GES has a highlighted issue that is given special attention. The GES 2010 addressed the issue of “Achieving Sustainability in the Face of Systemic Risks.”

As a result of the global economic crisis and the climate summit, we find ourselves confronted with interconnected systemic risks that national governments are unable to tackle on their own. These risks include global financial failures, climate vulnerability, difficulties in financing old age and education, energy insecurity, water and food problems, and global interdependencies in growth, employment, and political security.

The GES 2010 considered new ways of thinking about these systemic risks and examine ways of achieving sustainable economic policies, sustainable business models, sustainable institutions of transnational governance, and sustainable civic initiatives.

Now more than ever, the underlying thrust of the GES has become massively important: In this increasingly interdependent world, many of the most serious global problems require cooperation among diverse countries and decision-makers. But nowadays such cooperation is often not forthcoming. What new forms of global collaboration need to be initiated? How can we bring such collaboration about?

While these are troubled times, they are also periods of great opportunity. The problems above are global, whereas political and business decisions are usually made on the firm, national or regional level. Thus what we need are

  1. shared visions of the future that will inspire us to work together, embodied in
  2. concrete policies and strategies to achieve these visions,
  3. formulated through a dialogue among diverse leading decision makers.

This is the purpose of the Global Economic Symposium.

The GES assembles leaders from business, politics, academia and civil society to address global problems and formulate socially desirable responses. The dialogue is supported by the Virtual GES, the web- based platform of the GES, containing background research, policy and strategy proposals, as well as discussion forums.

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