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GES 2010 Videos

See what the GES is like and what it's all about!


All available videos:



The Global Economic Workshop

Which current events are likely to have the profoundest impact on our global future?

See how the Global Economic Workshop during the GES 2010 answered this question. Videos of other special events of the GES 2010 are also available:

Leading Decision Makers' Forum

In the Leading Decision Makers' Forum, business executives and policy makers give talks explaining the challenges they face and their strategic responses, in the context of global problem-solving.

The two application labs of the GES 2010 are available to watch at full length:

Roundtable: The Global Economy Ahead: Threats and Opportunities

Watch the whole roundtable on the new wave of globalization! The other roundtables of the GES 2010 are also available at full length:

Opening Reception

Watch the full opening reception of the GES 2010 in Istanbul! Selected Welcome Addresses by

are also available as spearate videos as well as the GES 2010 press conference.

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