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Application Labs

The Application Lab provides opportunities to discuss new problem-solving enterprises, projects and ventures in a hands-on, interactive setting. They consist of short presentations, generally involving interaction with the audience, of pioneering practical applications that have the potential to transform the way we address well-defined global problems.


Oasis Bamboo Coffins

Clive Dudbridge; Business Development Director, Oasis

Oasis Transformation Ltd (OTL) is a value-driven for-profit business set up to make and sell bamboo products into the UK and other international markets. The business consists of an appropriate technology eco-manufacturing facility in Nilphamari, Bangladesh, an area recognized as an unemployment black-spot, which employs around 40 people and indirectly impacts the lives of 200 others.

t will demonstrate a SME model in a poor region, which can be replicated and will involve around 20Ha equivalent of Bamboo under sustainable management, scattered over local small-holdings. The business is led in Bangladesh by David How with eighteen years of experience in business and technical training in the UK, India and Bangladesh.



Varyap Meridian

Erdinç Varlıbaş; CEO, Varyap

According to USGBC’s research, buildings are the most responsible in energy consumption by 40 percent of the world’s total. Any steps taken forward in order to reduce the number of existing traditional structures or increase the eco-friendly, new generation buildings will substantially help the environment in terms of sustainability. Therefore, VARYAP MERIDIAN, Turkey’s first LEED registered green building high-end development project is a model of integrated design by adopting and using sustainability philosophy from the design phase to construction phase.

VARYAP MERIDIAN’s most important design criteria are to reduce the environmental effects of the buildings and to adhere to the principles of sustainability. By including sustainability principles as minimum energy consumption, water saving, environmentally responsible resources management, good indoor air quality and conservationist land use practices, the project creates environmentally friendly, profitable and healthy places to live and work. Varyap Meridian’s aim is not only distinguish a sustainable design model to Turkey’s construction sector, but also attract attention to integral sustainability and renewable energy potential of Turkey and encourage investors and national/international architects to design and develop such projects in Turkey. Consequently, it will outbreak the government’s incentive and support the integration of sustainable energy. In other words, it will bring a new approach in the real estate sector in a developing country such as Turkey, hopefully leading to more environmental-friendly development projects. The Varyap Meridian project promises to set a new industry standard in sustainable commercial design, continuing in a tradition of excellence in architecture. As a result, Varyap Meridian took half page coverage in “The New York Times” and “International Herald Tribune” recently, which is the best proof of how Varyap’s both architectural and business approach invigorates perception of Turkey in international platform. VARYAP was also awarded in two categories in the world’s most prestigious property competition, dubbed “The Property Oscars” with VARYAP MERIDIAN in the categories “Best Property” and “Best High-Rise Architecture” in the 2009 International Property Awards. The competition aiming to identify the world’s best property professionals has attracted more than 4 thousand projects from 97 countries in 21 categories last year. The project also received “Best Development” award by overseas LIVING magazine, which is the UK’s premier overseas investment journal, delivers the finest properties and most exciting investment locations from around the world.

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