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José Manuel Barroso

Patron of the Global Economic Symposium 2009


The past year has seen the world economy facing a severe challenge. Governments, policy makers, businesses, communities, families – all have been called upon to respond in their different ways.

It is now clear that the current crisis meant more than a short term shock needing shortterm reaction. It has raised fundamental questions about the way our economy works, the relationship between our economy and our society, and how we can build a more robust model for the future.

This was the first major crisis to fall in the age of globalization. Very quickly, the limitations of national responses became obvious. The European Union was able not only to use the European single market as a cornerstone for Europe's exit strategy from the crisis; it was also at the forefront of efforts to deliver a truly global response and to pioneer an international approach.

This work has brought about a major stimulus in the shape of the European Economic Recovery Plan, and is putting in place a financial system worthy of the confidence of all. I am committed to seeing this work through to fruition.

But I strongly believe that there is much more to be done. We need to continue examine how to build the right global economy to release new sources of growth; how to put an equitable society and the heart of our objectives; and how to give the international community the tools it needs to reach these goals.

This is exactly the purpose of the Global Economic Symposium this year, and I am delighted that it has attracted such a distinguished participation. I am delighted to support the Symposium and look forward to the results.

José Manuel Barroso
President of the European Commission

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