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Dennis J. Snower

Director, GES and President, IfW


At a personal level, the GES is meant to help you think freely and imaginatively about solutions to important global problems. At an institutional level, the GES provides a neutral, creative space to permit leaders from diverse communities – academia, business, policy making and civil society – to seek cooperation that transcends national, cultural, religious and social boundaries. At a professional level, the GES is an invitation for you to be daring in reaching out beyond your specialist interests and day-to-day concerns to exchange ideas and build activist networks to address global challenges.

The GES is removed from political expediency, lobby groups and bureaucratic impediments; it allows you to think afresh about creating a more fulfilling, prosperous and fairer world for the next generation.

The results of the GES will be communicated to leading international communities of policy makers and researchers. Thereby the GES is meant to initiate an ongoing dialogue on global problem solving.

You – as panelists, moderators and participants of the Symposium – have the responsibility to address some of the world’s most important challenges and propose solutions that may become catalysts for future change. Remember that the GES is meant to be daring and foresighted in the solutions it generates. So think out of the box. Be visionary, but simultaneously practical. The solutions you propose are to be concrete and implementable, thereby shaping a vision for a better future.

The wonderful ambience of Fielmann Akademie Plön Castle should help us in this endeavor. We are extremely grateful to our principal sponsors – the Fielmann AG and the Wintershall Holding AG – as well as our other sponsors for their support. The rest is up to you.

Dennis J. Snower
Director, GES
President, IfW

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