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Alessio J.G. Brown

Executive Director, GES


I welcome you to the Global Economic Symposium (GES) 2009. We are entering a new stage of our strategic dialogue on global problem solving, which we initiated last year. This year the GES Community of decision makers – which seeks to devise practical solutions for the major global problems of our time – will place particular emphasis on addressing the consequences of the financial crisis for a variety of global problems and on designing a new course for the global community in the post-crisis world.

This topic has already been explicitly considered in many of all the solutions you have proposed in the Virtual GES, the web-based platform of the GES. The aftermath of the crisis will not however divert us from the other serious global problems that will be the basis for the dialogue of this solution forum in 23 panel sessions, two plenaries and various special sessions.

To provide real value, the solutions formulated in the GES 2009 should be actions that are as concrete and practical as possible at this stage.

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