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Welcome Addresses


José Manuel Barroso

Patron of the Global Economic Symposium 2009

The past year has seen the world economy facing a severe challenge. Governments, policy makers, businesses, communities, families – all have been called upon to respond in their different ways.




Dennis J. Snower

Director, Global Economic Symposium (GES) President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy

At a personal level, the GES is meant to help you think freely and imaginatively about solutions to important global problems. At an institutional level, the GES provides a neutral, creative space to permit leaders from diverse communities – academia, business, policy making and civil society – to seek cooperation that transcends national, cultural, religious and social boundaries. At a professional level, the GES is an invitation for you to be daring in reaching out beyond your specialist interests and day-to-day concerns to exchange ideas and build activist networks to address global challenges.



Alessio J.G. Brown

I welcome you to the Global Economic Symposium (GES) 2009. We are entering a new stage of our strategic dialogue on global problem solving, which we initiated last year. This year the GES Community of decision makers – which seeks to devise practical solutions for the major global problems of our time – will place particular emphasis on addressing the consequences of the financial crisis for a variety of global problems and on designing a new course for the global community in the post-crisis world.




Joern Biel

Last September, more than 400 high-ranking business people, politicians and academics came together for the first Global Economic Symposium (GES) at Plön Castle to jointly develop answers to the pressing questions facing the world economy. The GES took a completely new course in that, in contrast to other events of this kind, it was “solution-oriented, research-based and interactive”. “What is to be done?” was the key question.




Horst Thomsen

In the name of the ZBW, the German National Library for Economics, I would like to welcome you to the Global Economic Symposium 2009 in Plön. The ZBW is delighted to be one of the organizers of this year’s GES, together with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Science, Economic Affairs, and Transportation.

You have all come to Northern Germany with a clear purpose in mind: the joint development of concrete solutions to the immediate problems of humankind.



Guenther Fielmann

I would like to welcome you to the Global Economic Symposium 2009 and hope that the atmosphere here in the Fielmann Akademie will be pleasant, stimulating, and wellsuited to engaging in the deliberations to take place here.

I am especially glad that the Global Economic Symposium is being held in the Fielmann Akademie, because I hold the ideals of the Global Economic Symposium dear.



Source: Fielmann AG

Rainer Seele

We are living in times of major challenges, but they are also times of great opportunities. This calls for strategies with foresight that pave the way to sustainable growth and global development, as well as shared visions that guide international cooperation and can be adapted at the national level. In order to achieve this, we need to conduct an open dialog that is free of blinkers and free of inherited ideologies. The Global Economic Symposium is an excellent forum for this dialog!


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