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Selected Articles


Reverse engineering

by the CEO of Hathay Bunano, published in The Daily Star, November 8, 2009.

"Last month I was part of a panel at the Global Economic Symposium (GES) in Germany organised by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and our task was to discuss the new wave of social entrepreneurship in the aftermath of the collapse of the Western financial systems and how it might best be used to solve global problems."

Reda More


A new dawn

by Kim Cloete, Parliamentary Editor, South African Broadcasting Cooperation, first published in African Decisions, January-March 2010 issue.

"Last year’s financial crisis has been described as the ‘third wave’, following the food and fuel crises in 2008. Leaders have finally realised that a fresh approach is needed to get developing economies back on track."

"By the time delegates come to the annual symposium in September, there’s a focused debate, with the aim of not just rehashing the problems facing the world, but proposing measurable, concrete solutions."

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