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Francis Appiah

Executive Secretary, National African Peer Review Mechanism Governing Council, Ghana

"GES 2009 served as fertile ground where individual ideas were cross-fertilized to provide practical global solutions for a better world."


Richard E. Baldwin

Professor of International Economics, HEID Geneva, and Editor-in-Chief,

"GES is a tremendous occasion to meet people who matter in the world of economic policy -- policy makers who are at the level where they actually understand the issues, private sector people, and scholars with great ideas. I also discovered some new ideas -- an event that doesn't happen so often these days due to the internet -- since GES invitees span a vastly broader range of fields that most policy conferences."

Shumeet Banerji

CEO, Booz & Company

"The GES is unique in Europe in bringing together global thought leaders from academia, business, the media and the third sector in animated, outcome-orientated discussion."


Gregory Berns

Professor of Neuroeconomics, Emory University; Director, Centre for Neuropolicy

“I loved the chance to interact with leaders in areas that I don’t normally work in. The overarching goal of solving problems of global importance is the reason to come, and the GES brings together people with the necessarily diverse backgrounds needed to achieve this goal.”


Paul Bulcke

CEO, Nestlé SA

"GES 2009 -- a top quality event: very well prepared, substantial, profound and always solution oriented, with a selection of participants that made each and every session highly stimulating."



Kim Cloete

Parliamentary Editor, South African Broadcasting Corporation

"I found the GES extremely rewarding. The solutions-driven ethos of the GES leads to sharp and focused discussions and sets it apart from other events of its kind. Added to this, the GES draws together a tremendous blend of decision-makers who bring rich experience and ideas to the table. I gained so much from GES 2009 and am fully confident that it will go from strength to strength."


Paul Collier

Professor of Economics, University of Oxford

"For me the value of the GES is encountering ideas in fields I would otherwise miss, and people I need to meet. Overall, an efficient use of my time in a setting that is unbeatable."


Aart de Geus

Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

"GES 2009 was topical, timely and targeted - due to solid preparations and the active participation of high level representatives from the five key stakeholders in society: government, business, civil society, academia and media."


Richard Evans

CEO (retd.), Rio Tinto Alcan

"The 2009 GES was once again enlightening and stimulating for me . The quality of attendees, dialogues and outcomes continues to build each year.
The analytical grounding in economics and the focus on solutions distinguishes the GES from the many other gatherings seeking to address global issues to which I receive invitations each year. I definitely plan to attend again in 2010."


Rainer Froese

Senior Scientist, IFM-Geomar Leibniz-Institute of Marine Sciences

"I was amazed by the caliber of the GES participants and the frankness of the discussions."



Fiona Harvey

Environment Correspondent, Financial Times

"This wasn't just food for thought, it was a banquet - with great company, well-informed debate and an essential focus on practical solutions to global problems."


Josef Joffe

Publisher-Editor, Die Zeit

"In a very brief time, the GES has become the premier international forum for economic and political debate in Germany and beyond. And this in an enchanting chateau setting in one of Germany's most beautiful parts."



Jiahua Pan

Executive Director of the Research Centre for Sustainable Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

"GES - a well organized, highly effective and truely solution-seeking forum through dialogue, debate and consensus building."



Joachim von Braun

General Director, International Food Policy Research Institute

“The GES is an outstanding agenda setting and solution orientation gathering. The 2nd GES managed to uniquely combine the most topical global economic policy issues with the complex long-run structural issues, such as the future of global water and of agriculture policy.”