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Popular Solutions

Here you can find particularly popular solutions of the GES 2009. These popular solutions are based on the feedback participants of the GES 2009 have provided in each of the single sessions from their personal perspective:

The Global Economy

The Global Society

Balancing Risk Taking and Financial RegulationSession

Overcoming Inequality through EducationSession
Regulate the banking and shadow-banking sectors by the same standards.
    Make the financial institution’s capital requirements risksensitive and countercyclical.
    Use publicly funded grant schemes to provide cheap access to education for the poor, particularly for girls.

    Fighting against Poverty in the Crisis aftermathSession

    The New Wave of Social EntrepreneurshipSession
    Formalize employment relationships in developing countries and thereby enable workers to gain access to social security.

    Reverse engineer social entrepreneurship by giving conventional commercial entrepreneurs incentives to become social entrepreneurs.

    New Knowledge Creation RegimesSession Making Migration Work after the CrisisSession
    Governments should facilitate the creation of knowledge groups including innovators, knowledge partners and funders to promote knowledge creation on environmental and poverty issues.

    Liberalize migration regulations for those who don‘t compete with vulnerable host groups; home and host countries should coordinate migration criteria for other groups.

    The Psychology of Financial CrisesSession Content and Limits of Corporate Social ResponsibilitySession
    Correct myopic behavior in financial markets through taxing short-term relative to long-term profits.

    Replace traditional CSR by Shared Value Creation among business, customers, employees, and society in the long run.

    The Global Polity

    The Global Environment

    Fixing Failed MultilateralismSession Preparing for the Blue RevolutionSession
    Create a World Climate Organization to establish an encompassing regulatory framework.

    Price water and decouple land ownership and water rights, so that water rights can be allocated equitably.

    Repairing Failed StatesSession Managing Marine ResourcesSession
    Legalize the consumption of narcotics under policy supervision, thereby undermining the drugs trade.

    Specify fish quotas in terms of number of fish rather than weight, thereby protecting baby fish.

    The Future of Global Financial GovernanceSession Establishing a Global Climate Regime Session
    Give the IMF and the Financial Stability Board more surveillance power  through greater autonomy and restructuring of voting rights. Combine a global cap-and-trade system with an adaptation fund and access to emission-saving technologies for poor countries.

    Towards Global Trade under Global RulesSession The Energy Crisis and Climate ChangeSession
    Complement an international trade agreement by an agreement on food security.

    Give priority to measures that can increase energy efficiency in the short run, such as heat insolation of houses.

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