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Particulars, Program & Downloads



Particulars 2009

The world sought solutions in Plön!

Location: Plön Castle, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Date: 10-11 September 2009

Duration: 2 full days

Participants: A select group of about 300 people.




Downloads 2009


Global Economic Solutions

The Global Economic Solutions summarize some prominent, innovative proposals generated by the GES 2009. The proposals achieved sizable agreement from the GES panelists and the wider GES community.


Global Economic Solutions
GES 2009 Essentials & Program

The main guidelines for all GES Participants are summarized in the Essential Information. This includes the program, welcome addresses, a list of all speakers, and more.

GES Essentials

GES Review




GES 2009 - Session Handouts

Download all session handouts in one file (PDF)

The Global Economy
The Global Society
Balancing Risk Taking and Financial Regulation

The New Wave of Social Entrepreneurship

Fighting Against Poverty in the Crisis Aftermath

Content and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility

New Knowledge Creation Regimes

Making Migration Work after the Crisis


The Post-Crisis Global Division of Labour

Overcoming Inequality through Education


The Psychology of Financial Crises Dealing with the New Social Divides
Managing the New Global Imbalances

The Global Polity
The Global Environment

Fixing Failed Multilateralism


Managing Marine Resources


Towards Global Trade under Global Rules


Establishing a Global Climate Regime


The Future of Global Financial Governance


The Energy Crisis and Climate Change


Exit Strategies from the Financial Crisis

Bioenergy and Land Use in Developing Countries


Repairing Failed States
Rethinking Agriculture
Democracy and Development
Preparing for the Blue Revolution


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