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Joaquín Almunia

Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, European Commission

"By bringing together major players in the international community - policy makers, business leaders and academics - the GES is well on the way to establishing itself as a key forum for global dialogue. I am sure the symposium will go from strength to strength and make a valuable contribution to answering the pressing questions facing our global economy."

Francis Appiah

Executive Secretary, Ghana National APRM Governing Council

"GES demonstrated that citizens of the world from all walks of life do not only follow developments in the world that are shaping and defining our future but are ready to discuss and act to turn around the fortunes of the world to make it a better place for everyone."

Daniel Ariely

Professor of Behavioral Economics, Duke University; Visiting Professor, MIT Media Lab

"After attending dozens of conferences over the years, I learned that I get the most out of meetings that are small, intimate, and where the participants are very different from each other. For me, the Global Economic Symposium provided the ideal atmosphere for an intellectually challenging exchange."

Alan S. Blinder

Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University

"For an initial outing, the 2008 GES can only be called a spectacular success. The scope was breathtaking, the quality was high, and the person-to-person interactions were invaluable."

Edward Carr

Business Affairs Editor, The Economist

“Great minds in a great setting working on the great questions that confront us all.”

Sean Cleary

Chairman, Strategic Concepts

"The world desperately needs bold initiatives of this sort at present and this is one of the most interesting."

Evan Davis

Presenter, BBC’s Radio 4’s Today Programme

“I have rarely been to such a well organised event. The discussions were timely and the participants of a very high calibre. “

Aart De Geus

Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

"The content and format to focus on policy implications with the input of most important experts and stakeholders was excellent. This is one of the rare occasions where attendants and panelists really take home new insights. "

Luis Felipe De Seixas Correa

Brazilian Ambassador to Germany

“GES 2008 was a great success both from the substantive and the organizational points of view. It attracted some of the best minds in many fields. The level of interaction was particularly high and everyone went home with a feeling of having done something really useful. After such a great start in 2008, GES will no doubt become a preeminent locus for interaction among global players in the years to come.”

Richard R. Ernst

Nobel Laureate; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

“I experienced the first Global Economic Symposium as a highly successful and very well organized event at a most beautiful place. It fulfilled a real need of intense contacts between various players in global economics. I am convinced that the future GES meetings will be equally rewarding for the active participants, for the press, and for additional attendees.”

Richard Evans

CEO, Rio Tinto Alcan

"I very much enjoyed the spirit and the interaction - the panels that I was able to attend were interesting and stimulating.”

Raymond Fisman

Professor of Economics, Columbia University

"The conference reaped incredible dividends."

David Frost

Director General, British Chamber of Commerce

"It was a tremendous achievement as well a real organisational success. The quality of debate was high, and from where I sit, to get so much high level information in such an intensive period was invaluable."

Josef Joffe

Publisher-Editor, DIE ZEIT

“Take Germany’s most renowned economics institute, add one of the country’s most beautiful spots, Lake Ploen, and you get the Global Economic Symposium, a gathering of first-rate minds that will soon become a global household term.”



Edward E. Leamer

Professor of Management, Economics, and Statistics, and Director of the UCLA/Anderson Business Forecast Project

"The Global Economic Symposium of 2008 was superbly designed and flawlessly conducted. The event is one of those infrequent occasions when decision-makers from business and government, and thought-leaders from academia, can exchange ideas and seek solutions to the globe's pressing problems. In 2008, the conversations were lively and provocative, the setting was wonderful and the staff was plentiful, cordial and attentive."

Danny Leipziger

Vice President, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network, The World Bank

“The participants were first class, the organization excellent, and the discussions stimulating and serious yet relaxed. I can see a bright future for GES.”


Meera Shankar

Indian Ambassador to Germany

"The Global Economic Symposium 2008 provided an excellent platform in bringing together policy makers, thinkers and economists for addressing the most important economic issues facing the world today. For emerging economies like India, the Symposium was immensely relevant.”

Michael Spence

Nobel Laureate; Professor Emeritus of Management, Stanford University

"I enjoyed the Symposium very much as I am sure others did and felt that for a first outing it went very well. Lots of interesting people. Very interesting and focussed discussion of important issues."

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